10 Effective Yoga Back Pain Exercises

Despite all the warnings and advice about the risks of back pain and injury, most of us do not exercise enough or take care to protect ourselves against further back injury. The good news is that there are some wonderful back pain exercises that not only help to relieve pain, but are also excellent in strengthening the back to prevent against further injury. Below are 10 effective yoga back pain exercises, if you take the time to learn, will be able to ensure that your back remains strong and healthy indefinitely:

“Triangle pose.” This is a yoga pose that can help the chronic sufferer by concentrating on the hips which has a strong influence on the spine. It also tones the leg muscles, spinal nerves and abdominal organs.

“Mountain pose or Tadasana.” The Mountain pose is probably one of the most important poses in yoga as it is the starting and finishing point of all standing poses. It is especially helpful in establishing the ideal spinal alignment and helps in the overall improvement of the body.

“Pelvic tilt.” The pelvic tilt is one of the basic movements in yoga. It is excellent in working the abdominal muscles and helps to correct the lower back posture. It is also a great way to stretch tight muscles around the hip including the hamstrings and quadriceps.

“Bridge pose.” This is an extremely effective pose to practice, yet very simple. Practicing this pose helps to promote a flexible spine while strengthening the legs and buttock muscles at the same time as well as stimulating the abdominal muscles and organs.

“Reclined Big Toe pose.” The primary function of this pose is to stretch the hamstrings and calves. However, it can also help reduce pain by addressing the lower back posture.

“Cat Pose.” This pose is very popular as one of the back pain prevention exercises for both yoga and Pilates. It is very effective in helping you to establish the ideal spinal alignment, strengthening and stretching of back muscles as well as developing the coordination of spinal movement.

“Down Dog Pose.” The down dog pose is excellent because it stretches and releases tension from the spine. It also strengthens the shoulders, arms and back and it is great at relieving headaches and back pain.

“Cobra pose.” As far as yoga exercises go, the Cobra pose is probably one of the more popular poses because it has a rather extensive list of benefits including relieving the pain in your back, strengthening of the spine, stress relief and reduction in sciatic pain.

“Child’s pose.” This is quite an all-rounder pose because not only does it help to alleviate certain types of back ailments, it is also a great aid in relieving stress, anxiety, tension and fatigue. It is also used before and after more complex and strenuous poses.

“Corpse Pose.” The corpse pose can also be considered an all-rounder because in addition to alleviating the pain in your back, this pose also calms the brain, helps reduce stress and depression.

As you can see, there are a lot of back exercises that are effective in relieving chronic back pain, and they also have a whole host of the added benefits. However, in order to execute these yoga back exercises correctly, it is highly advised that you get the proper training from a professional yoga instructor.