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One can find the normal use of the old refrigerator sold for recycling Jiujia Dian’s also 300-400 dollars, and also home recovery. Just bought a new refrigerator price is 3,000 yuan, only 300 yuan subsidy is not necessarily cost-effective. Moreover refrigerator prices will rise due to implementation of the policy, these variables exist.

Good news on consumer appliances can be said to come one after another. In addition to
Bringing home appliances
Enjoy a 10% subsidy to purchase one or two subsidized energy efficient air conditioning, the future members of the public to buy household appliances in Fuzhou “
TM to
“You can also enjoy a 10% subsidy! Although details have not yet issued a new policy to subsidize, but Fuzhou appliance manufacturers have long flocked to, have to act to advance from a slice. For the introduction of the policy, the industry consensus is that the a major positive. However, some members of the public questioned, 10% subsidy is not necessarily cost-effective.

Consumers the question: 10% subsidy is not necessarily cost-effective

In the “TM”, in principle, according to a new Appliance
10% of the price subsidies, sub-species to determine the maximum amount of subsidies. In addition, recycling subsidies, and sent within the Jiu Jiadian transportation costs and dismantling businesses, will be given a fixed subsidy.

Appliance manufacturers have enthusiasm. FUZHOU
Electrical stakeholders that 2 billion yuan in accordance with state financial subsidies to 10% of the total scale and the proportion of subsidies, a conservative estimate is a direct drive 20 billion yuan of new consumer appliances, manufacturers launched simultaneous promotion policies can lead to the same scale a new leaf and there are at least 50 billion potential market for household appliances recycling industry, coupled with home appliances bring
, Logistics, and other derivative products matching demand and stimulate domestic demand and the overall size will be close to 50 billion yuan.

“This is a major home appliance industry, good.” Haier Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., Fuzhou General Manager Xu Hanfei that the “TM” policy and “appliances to the countryside” policy similar to projects that benefit all. Since the launch of home appliances to the countryside policies, directly stimulating the rural areas 30% of the appliance sales. Upgrading of the urban market-based consumption of household appliances, so that the TM to the policy on an individual market pull should be very large.

GOME Electrical Appliances
Advertisement Promotion Department, said head Zhengmao TM to 10% of the subsidy is relatively more household appliances to the countryside for the urban market, home appliances suppliers and stores is a big positive, large appliances for 10% discount is considerable. Currently we are actively waiting for the implementation of the administrative rules.

“This is an Huimin it
Environmental protection
Project. “Zhang is visiting the home appliance stores Zhang said the government can introduce such a subsidy policy, Fuzhou is certainly a good thing for the people, and over-aged Jiu Jiadian can be handled properly, reduce environmental pollution, can be described as double benefit.

However, Ms. Chen, who lives in Waters have argued that subsidies of 10% is not necessarily cost-effective. She told reporters she was in the Pavilion Street Suning just bought a refrigerator. A comparison of the decided, “ranging from TM to the policy introduced.” In her view, and appliance stores the current prices, trade-in policy implementation, the “only 10% cheaper, are not cost-effective.”

She’s calculations. Now, one can find the normal use of the old refrigerator can be sold for recycling Jiu Jiadian of 300-400 dollars, but also the home collection. Just bought a new refrigerator this sets the price is more than 3000 yuan, if the 10% subsidy under the new policy, that is, 300 yuan cheaper, not necessarily cost-effective. Moreover, the store will not be home when the time will not set the number of recycling old refrigerators, refrigerator prices will not rise because of policy implementation, these variables are present.

In addition, consumers told reporters reflect a lot of home appliances stores in Fuzhou is a major war
Price war
, Major appliances generally have a high price cut, attractive to much more than TM to subsidies.

Fuzhou some household electrical appliance enterprises start their own money to subsidize

TCL TV first to respond to national call, from May 28 -5 31 in Fuzhou during the Dragon Boat Festival 40 sites simultaneously carry out the “new generation TV, LCD universal” large-scale TM to promotions out millions of costs, a comprehensive e-waste recycling. Old color TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine regardless of brand, size, and redemption for a new TV, all discount 500. The remaining Jiujia Dian, all discount 400. SABUNG AYAM