15 Ways to Maximize Your Reading Effectiveness

Did you know the average person reads less than a book a year? Did you know to be an expert in your industry you only have to read one book a month?

Most of us know reading is essential to the development of our self. It helps us to understand the world in which we live by keeping us up to date with news, trends, and technologies. This is not the only reason we should work hard to develop the habit of reading on a regular basis. Reading is far more important than just the information it gives us. The greater benefits we receive, by developing the habit of reading on a regular consistent basis, are the additional skills of increased focus/concentration, increased vocabulary, increased brain speed, increased comprehension, relaxation and most importantly, the ability to communicate more effectively. These benefits are the real rewards to reading.

Here is a list of top tips to help you get more out of your reading time.

1. Choose the material you wish to read and scan all the particulars and details. This will help you to get comfortable with the writer’s writing style, the information you are about to cover and the amount of time required to read the material.

2. Schedule block times for reading. This will help you to develop the habit of regular reading as well as increase the comprehension of the material covered.

3. Find a place where you can read undisturbed early in the morning. It is a great way to start your day and you will find your mind more accepting of information when it is not cluttered with the day’s activities.

4. When you are reading check you are not moving your lips, tongue, diaphragm or Adam’s apple. This will help you to pick up your reading speed.

5. Keep your eyes as still as possible. Speed and comprehension increase when taking in as much information without moving your eyes. Two movements per line, based upon a regular book page, is what you should target.

6. Avoid using your fingers or hand pointing. This will slow you down.

7. Be prepared to turn the next page as soon as you have turned the last. This may seem like a small detail, however, it does interfere in your concentration if you do not turn it fast enough.

8. Try not to go back and reread. This not only slows you down it interferes in the comprehension of your reading. Rather than going back, continue to read on, and you will find the author will quickly get to the point. Most times when we find ourselves back tracking it is generally due to a word we did not understand regarding the reading material. By continuing, authors generally continue making the point and the word in which we tripped up no longer carries the same weight.

9. Take in only the information you need and forget the rest.

10. Keep track of your results. Chart how often you are reading and when. This will help you to see improvement over time. It is always nice to go back and see what you have read, and how you progressed over time.

11. Relax and have fun with your reading. When we are tense or uptight, we tend to lose our focus on the material at hand. If the information is boring, try to visualize what you are reading. Play games. You will find a tremendous increase in your comprehension and the time you set aside will go very quickly.

12. Practice, practice, practice! The more you read the more you will want to read.

13. Prepare yourself mentally and psychologically prior to starting. Get the most of your reading time. Have a pen and paper ready for any interfering triggered thoughts or creative idea’s which may come about to sabotage your reading time. Write down these tasks or ideas, which come up. Then go back to your reading. At the end or your reading time you will have gathered not only reminders of what you need to do but also found some pearls of creative new ideas which can easily be transferred to your Item’s To Do Journal.

14. Have a “Just give me the facts ma’am” attitude. Highlight key points with a highlighter. It is easy to get lost in descriptive details, examples, and thoughts of the author. You want to be able to go back and review the key points quickly and easily on any review of information.

15. Take a speed reading and memory enhancement courses. They can easily triple your reading speed and comprehension in no time.

Remind yourself daily of the benefits gained from investing time in reading. Remember information alone is useless, it is what you do with the information, which gives it power.