2 Simple Tips That Will Greatly Increase Your Chances To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

So you really would like to learn the way to make the friend you have liked for a long time become your girlfriend? Well I have good and bad news for you. Firstly, you can entirely get out of the friend zone, but in fact, as you can see it is not easy to carry out this process.


Most women are frustrated about this problem because they believe that they are not able to have a guy friend because they always want more than friendship, unfortunately this is true with most men. What about yourself… how many female friends have you got in your life that you see on a regular basis that you never liked? I can bet not many.


Many times it may not be that clear that a girl has labeled you as “just a friend”. I’ve been in your situation many times in the past, after a lot of trial & errors have finally developed a method to do the transition from friend to girlfriend and all that with the risk of rejection from her being nil. But first before talking about my method let me give you some simple tips that will greatly increase your chances of one day become her perfect lover.


Become the Ideal Choice

Usually, women say the opposite of what they really want. When they say that all that they want is a guy who will treat her with respect, what they really want is a guy who is in control, confident and decisive. Giving your female friends lots of gifts, being nice to them, spending hours on the phone with them being her therapist is definitely not the way to make a woman attracted to you & go from friend to girlfriend.


Increase Sensuality


If you want to turn her into your lover:


– Don’t do the boring stuff that friends do.
– Instead of talking to her on the phone all night, invite her over for a dinner/movie.
– Stop hanging out with her in huge groups of friends.


Believe me, doing only these simple tricks on ALL your future “dates” will greatly increase your chances of doing the transition from friend to girlfriend.