2009 China Market Status And Development Trend Of Power – Power Supply, Pc Power Supply – Electric

The Power Industry Summit “innovation, energy efficiency, integration, upgrade” as the theme, brought together ministry leaders, industry experts, business leaders, government, telecommunications, manufacturing, Financial , Energy and other industrial users representatives and news media circles more than 350 people, around the power industry status and trends, industry development environment, innovative technologies, as well as leaders of successful business experience and other topics to discuss China’s power industry development of the market situation, perspective industry trends and new opportunities for market development to promote the advanced experience of business operations, and users from the current focus of attention and focus of the starting depth of excavation, to discuss China’s power industry to promote the healthy and stable development of good policy.

This forum, CCID Consulting has done a “Status and Trends of China’s UPS market,” and “China Communicate Power market opportunities and challenges “theme reports and publish research results.

1, the overall development of China’s power market stability, and innovation to upgrade just around the corner

2008 China power market Sell The amount of 16.567 billion yuan, up 6.2% of the global financial crisis, the power market sales growth in the first decline in recent years. Since 2003, with the information technology industry, the deepening of China’s power market has been in steady development trend. 2008 output of 31.63 million China, Taiwan Power Products, up 5.7%.

2009 China market status and development trend of power
General Switching Power Supply , Communication power, UPS and the PC power supply is the main area of market segments. In 2008, sales of general-purpose switching power supply 5.62 billion, accounting for 33.9% of the market, communication power supply market, accounting for 26.3%, while the UPS market accounted for 18.3%. With the communication power, UPS market, the rapid growth of power supply products in the overall market share has gradually expanded.

2009 China market status and development trend of power
All kinds of electrical equipment as a power plant, power is now widely used Electronic , Electrical equipment, electronic test equipment, control equipment and other fields, its application also covers the communications, computer, Home Appliances , Electric power, industrial automation and many other industries. In 2009, the Chinese power market, though still subject to the negative impact of financial crisis, but because of the national electronic information industry, equipment manufacturing, Textile And light industrial restructuring and revitalization plan for a portfolio of one after another, the power industry will usher in a new demand growth. Industry Promotion Plan steadily, and will effectively promote the needs of a large number of the power market, CCID Consulting forecasts, after 2009, the growth of the Chinese power market will once again rise. In 2009, the Chinese power market will reach 17.384 billion yuan sales in 2011 are expected to reach 19.491 billion yuan.

With power application environment more complex and diversified, high power of an increasingly become intelligent. At the same time as the digital power technology and the introduction of the microprocessor and control software, the power of self-monitoring capability will be greatly enhanced. Wireless power technology, green power technology, digital power supply market, technological innovation will drive the upgrading and development. Increase efficiency, improve performance, miniaturization and lightening, the power to eliminate pollution, to reduce electromagnetic interference and electrical noise into the power industry in recent years the application of product requirements, which will promote the power of rapid industrial labor-intensive industries from the traditional to digital green energy industry upgrading and development.

Second, China’s PC power supply market slowdown, “the computer to the countryside” policy will bring a new growth point

2008, the desktop PC power supply market size of 22,498,000 units, up 5.8% on sales of 3.03 billion yuan, up 3.2%. Than in previous years by the development of downstream industries are becoming desktop PC market saturation, desktop PC power supply market growth slowed significantly.

2008, China’s PC power supply DIY retail market, sales of 6.341 million units, accounting for 28.2% of the market, sales of 960 million yuan, accounting for 31.9% of the market. SABUNG AYAM