2009 Hc Superman Electrical Appliances Carry The Chinese Line Of Jinzhou Zhongshan Station

2009 12 14, by the HC home network’s “energy saving, environmental protection, trip, 2009, Network Appliance HC fifth national tour complimentary activities??” China Household Appliance Industry Information Daquan “Chinese line” launched a comprehensive . The home network jointly organized by the HC “Zhongshan Superman” appliances, will cover 128 cities in the country, for five thousand free copies from the HC home dealer network published the “China Household Appliance Industry Information Daquan.”

The third leg of Jinzhou sunny Saturday, December 19

8 am to assist the dealer store, along with distributors to understand the local market conditions, probably more than 20

Home Appliances

Dealer to determine the time and place, we began sending invitations to a store into the dealer told us that the grid HC home immediately excited: “Daquan, you finally come!” Until you finally begin to pick up the Daquan read up, and then we presented to the dealer information on the activities of our show, they are very much looking forward, he would come to participating!

2009 HC portable appliances


Electric Superman

Chinese Bank

 Jinzhou Station

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Activity began to arrange for 11 minutes at noon time they come to receive the information for a given result, less than a half-hour of the time the information we had was looted. Some years later the dealer friends still blame us that information so quickly, there is no, we explained to them that our data is a first-come, they have no choice but to see the people who receive information face is Gaoxing Jin, their leadership Daquan Quemei I can see who lost their feelings of dismay they leave our activities on-site, our hearts with him and said, next time give them some relevant publications by mail! We could feel our Daquan is important to them!

2009 HC Superman electrical appliances carry the Chinese Zhongshan Station in Jinzhou line

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In this event, distributors have a thesaurus of the kind of loyalty to our passion and desire that I am impressed! Like to thank all the dealers for their support! I believe that your support and encouragement of our family network will be better and better HC’s! Also will not let you down!

2009 HC Superman electrical appliances carry the Chinese Zhongshan Station in Jinzhou line

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Hereby wish 2009 “Chinese line” a complete success!

With the blessing of the dealer inscription, we rushed to the next stop the activities of the city – Changchun station!

Jinzhou Station HU Yan