2010 Asian Rubber Industry And Rubber Exhibition Business Go Hand In Hand – Asia, Rubber Industry

HC plastic mesh News: Plastics and Rubber is the most important modern industry one of the four basic materials, applications far beyond the daily necessities, packaging products, Electronic Range of electrical enclosure, and further extended to the automotive, construction, medical and aerospace, development of various industries play an active role. But the outside world is generally agreed that the use of plastic and rubber would cause great environmental pollution, in fact, with the technology, green rubber machinery rubber material and energy research and development and has reversed the old days of high energy consumption, high emission, degradation The nature low, and the use of advanced equipment can simply rubber Chemical industry Procedures and reduce the consumption of raw materials, manufactured to the practice green and save resources, environmental philosophy, ecological sustainable development and to help develop recycling Economy .

Environmental development to meet the overall direction of the plastics industry in the “12 5” period, increasing input from different areas to make the industry sustainable development. China Plastics Processing Industry Association Liao held in Beijing to attend the “CHINAPL AS Chinaplas 2010 “news conference, said the” 12 5 “period, the plastics industry to actively optimize product design, saving timber, such as insulating products controlled by optimizing the design and wall thickness, and to encourage domestic Plastic Machinery Relevant enterprises to increase the development of energy saving products to the plastics industry sustainable development. In addition, the industry will strengthen the recycling of plastic waste products, recycling economy and sustainable development path; while also increasing research and development of degradable plastics, as soon as possible to its industrialization.

Together with the plastics industry growth “CHINAPLAS Chinaplas” also seize the pulse of the industry, the upcoming April 19 to 22 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre, the 24th show will be “green manufacturing Total plastic Future “, held a series of exciting activities related to environmental protection. Organisers Exhibition Services Ltd, said Stanley Chu, chairman, to promote green plastic machinery and environmental protection role and contribution, “CHINAPLAS2010 Chinaplas” will show the first three days (April 19-21) held a series of ” Green Rubber Industry Forum “, the green industry from around the world supplier of the Association of experts, users will come together on the industry in promoting sustainable development strategy for the valuable exchange of views and sharing of green rubber science and technology in the automotive, construction, packaging, electronic information and the application of electrical and other industries and the successful cases. Invited speakers, including industry associations: China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Plastic Machine Industry Association, China Rubber Industry Association, the European plastics and rubber industry machinery Manufacturers Association, American Plastics Industry Association, the Japan Plastics Industry Union; well-known exhibitors: BASF, DSM, Haitian, Bayer MaterialScience, DuPont, etc.; industry users: Shanghai GM / Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, Shanghai Double Deer Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Wuhan Zhenbang Food Packaging. In addition, the exhibition site added more than “green gas station” to demonstrate the most advanced environmentally friendly exhibitors rubber products and technology, encouraging industry suppliers and users to adopt more environmentally friendly rubber technology, allowing viewers to understand energy conservation, environmental protection, recovery and regeneration technology, the latest developments. SABUNG AYAM