2010 Qingdao, China Merchants Hot Leather Shoetec Surge 4 Times The Size – Shoe Machine, Leather,

HC shoes News Network on February 23 a time when winter enveloped in the global economy continues to

Financial Under the shadow of the crisis, Europe and the United States the average water consumption during the Christmas and decline. However, has been given the “world economic engine” of China is vibrant, it is learned, many enterprises to phase out imports of raw material procurement, re-election in the domestic procurement, and in Qingdao, where the existing supply chain stand out clearly inadequate, shortage of raw materials and related equipment, while China’s largest professional Jiangbei

Leather Shoes machine shoe show?? “Eleventh 2010 China (Qingdao) International leather, shoe machine, shoe show,” It is in this environment have a higher leap, since the December 2009 start date , breeze smoothly, there are already more than 150 exhibitors signed an agreement customers, up to 273 booths, surged 4 times, nearly 10,000 square meters of booked exhibition finished, this exhibition will be held June 26, 2010 – 28 in Qingdao International Convention Center grand opening.

Enrollment from the current situation and show signs can be seen participating in the fiery, business awareness and enthusiasm for all exhibitors than previous years, this shows that the market expected a positive direction, the turbulence caused by the financial crisis, the situation is gradually dispersed large domestic market is the industry rebound. With market trends, the Qingdao International Exhibition leather shoes machine breeze in just two months period, far more than last year’s overall total number of exhibitors, well beyond the expected results, an increase of nearly 4 times in previous years. Kui Min machinery, Jinjiang Shi Chong, Shi Bao-resistant, all peaks, meaning up, excellent Shien, Tat, Li Yu, Shengxing are Han, Archila, Saddle Ridge, Rouge, Jun Da, Wen Denson Lu, Qingdao tanneries and other enterprises have advance, to seize the most advantageous position on display, many companies will develop new products to bring the 2010 exhibition. Among them, Fujian Jinjiang, Guangdong, more active participation of enterprises, both in the booth area is a breakthrough in previous years, Dongguan, Guangdong Shoes Chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang Ruian Chamber of Commerce, Dongguan shoe industry association, Fujian

Shoes Association has signed a tour agreement. This explosive situation in the breeze, reflect the market since the financial crisis has been significant warming phenomenon, the scale of this exhibition can also be intuitive that proliferation of market developments, from 09 to 10 years of rapid market changes and trends change, focus of business development is rapidly northward, northern leather shoes machine shoe market is ushering in a new round of trade active phase.

Qingdao International exhibition of leather shoes machine shoe leather by the Association of Shandong Province, China International Trade Promotion Committee, Shandong Province Branch of Shandong Province

Clothing Industry Association, Shandong branch of China Chamber of International Commerce, the Asian economic and trade development promotion center of leather industry associations co-sponsored in Qingdao, Qingdao Haiming International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shandong Leather Industry Association, and its domestic and international areas for leather, shoe machine, shoes material production base, industry clusters, industry, distribution center to conduct promotional investment. Organizing Committee insisted bigger and stronger exhibition concept, will continue to open up Japan, the United States,

Italy , Sweden, Germany, France, Korea, China Taiwan, Hong Kong and other international marketing channels, within a global brand and further escalated international level, to attract more world-class brands, as well as professional buyers come to the exhibition, visit. Show gradual improvement in Shandong relying on leather shoes machine shoe industry cluster, the large-scale investment

Advertisement Publicity, set up in the concentration of large-scale outdoor advertising, to ensure fair and effective publicity. At the same time, the organizing committee also co-organizer of all the main provinces and cities offer strong leather industry associations and professional organizations, the integration of resources, mutual complementarity and common


Merchants breeze into work to raise the overall exhibition size and authority. On the occasion of the Spring Festival approaching, the exhibition is a comprehensive strategy to launch incentive to thank the continued support of the exhibition industry, new and old customers. By then, the exhibition will attract more than one thousand in the industry from domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers, brand same stage, display product technology, corporate image, industrial value and brand. SABUNG AYAM