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2009 straight year in row
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Upcoming December 31, 2009 end. This is the news yesterday (October 19, 2009) from Nanjing Gas Management Office has reported. Yesterday, reporters followed the staff security in households Changle Road area found that there are a considerable number of users do not have to replace the old water heater at home.

The end of the old water heater replacement

Hong Park, both in the drink or turn Long Lane, gas home security company staff found that many residents still use the old-fashioned vertical-type water heater. The biggest feature of this water heater is not leading to the outside of the exhaust pipe. Liquefied gas emissions generated by combustion can not be exhausted to the outside, and thus cause injury.

Nanjing Gas Management Office Senior Engineer Xiaoyu Qing told reporters that the coming winter, if the continued use of this vertical-type water heater, most likely caused by gas poisoning and other similar incidents.

As early as March 11 this year, Nanjing Gas Management Office to eight brand gas water heater business, introduced a vertical-type water heater TM to activities. But the scene from yesterday security situation, many residents still do not replace the user. And
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TM to go to 31 May 2010 until end of the different range of water heaters TM to Nanjing to December 31, 2009 is over.

TM to why people do not actively

7 months have passed, why are many people reluctant to house the old water heater replaced?
reporter interviewed some people still use the old water heater. Some of them said he soon opened district where the gas had to buy for sure when the gas water heater, the old water heater will on the reuse period of time. There are some people took TM to the price list, said the old water heater at home is only worth 50 dollars, not as good as sold Shou Polan’s. Reporter noted that the heater current redemption price of TM to do there is not unified,
Promise not to reunification. For example, some older machines discount only 50? 80, changing the water heater, some new 3-year warranty, some only 1 year warranty.

Interview also member of the public said that she now lived in rental housing, landlords do not know water heaters, TM, or unwilling to dig the 1000 dollars, can not let people rent an apartment to pay it.

Cooker TM to have the possibility

2010, there were no water heater TM to the activity? You home
Gas stoves
Can also participate in a TM to the ranks?

Nanjing Gas Management Office, said, will reflect the overall consideration to the public. As for the gas cooker of TM, reporter learned from the Nanjing Bureau of Commerce and enjoy the subsidies of appliances appliances TM to
(Including freezers),
Air conditioning
, Washing machine and computer. Nanjing Gas Management Office currently organized is not strictly water heater TM to TM to state the scope of home appliances.

According to informed sources, if the Ministry of Commerce and other departments stove TM, will mature in the argument based on the promotion. If the local authorities to promote the relevant enterprises to actively respond to the possibility of TM to next year’s gas stove is still quite large.

For the current version of Nanjing water heater TM to expose some of the short legs, many people want to be further improved next year. SABUNG AYAM