2011 College Football Bowl Game Tickets

For fans of NCAA football, the holiday season is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of the year. After nearly 4 months of football in the books, fans across the country are eagerly awaiting selection Sunday so that they can book their trips and buy their 2011 college football bowl game tickets. The mad rush for tickets begins on Sunday December 5th 2010 when the NCAA and Bowl Championship Series (BCS) officially invite teams to each of the 35 Bowl games played throughout the country.

The College Football Bowl game season will kickoff on Decemeber 18th with 3 bowl games (the New Orleans Bowl, Humanitarian Bowl, and the New Mexico Bowl) and will end with the BCS National Championship game at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 10th, 2011. The biggest and most anticipated games are typically the BCS Bowls which include the Fiesta Bowl (1/1/2011), Orange Bowl (1/3/2011), Sugar Bowl (1/4/2011), Rose Bowl (1/1/2011), and the BCS National Championship game.

The BCS Bowl games attempt to hold true to tradition by selecting specific conference winners to participate. However, this can get complicated depending on which teams from which conference end up in the BCS Championship game. The Rose Bowl typically pits the Big 10 champion against the winner of the PAC 10. The Fiesta Bowl includes the Big 12 champion; the Orange Bowl selects the ACC Champion, while the Sugar Bowl takes the SEC Champion. The rest of the field is made up of the top teams in the country as indicated by a complex combination of polls, BCS Rankings, and conference finish.

Other bowl games draw a fair amount of attention as well. Some of the more popular bowls include the Chick-fil-A bowl (ACC vs SEC), Capital One Bowl (Big 10 vs SEC), Champs Sports Bowl (ACC vs Big East) and the Outback Bowl (Big 10 vs SEC). Also on the slate are 2 new bowl games; the New Era Pinstripe Bowl (Big 12 vs Big East) held at Yankee Stadium and the Ticket City Bowl (Big 10 vs Big 12) at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

No matter what team you are rooting for or which bowl game you plan on attending, tickets can be difficult to get. Before you buy be sure to check out the deals on 2011 Bowl Game Tickets at MetroSeats’ website.
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