3 Advanced Methods For Generating Leads For Your Business Via Facebook

Many advanced marketing “Gurus” will use Facebook as their playground for generating endless leads and don’t tend to give up the secrets without you shoveling out some dough first, and even after they do reveal some of their well guarded secrets, you are not getting the real deal behind what it is they are doing.

Before I get started I want it to be noted that in order for Facebook to work for you, try to separate accounts. Meaning if you have a Facebook account for friends and relatives, create a separate one strictly for marketing purposes, you do not want your mother blowing kisses and sending hug requests all over your business account would you? Didn’t think so.

#1. Ok, after you set up your new account and you are sitting back wondering where to start, on the top right of your screen there is a search bar. Facebook tends to pride itself on its groups so do a search on a group (Do not copy my example) for marketing, or secrets for example. Find some of the bigger MLM or Network marketing groups and join one or two of them. After joining, you can then get the list of members and start adding friends, try sending a message to them to let them know you are a real person and have like interests, it’s very important that you start some what of a relationship with someone due to the fact that you are targeting them. Keep in mind that adding too many friends a day will get you slapped by Facebook so be very careful not to have a spammy approach and remember that you are making friends not just trying to sell your product. You have to position yourself as the leader not a follower and try helping someone from time to time.

#2. After you have established yourself on Facebook and are starting to build relationships and make new friends and become an active user you will notice that the whole Facebook theme takes and auto-piloted effect and in turn you will see a lot of people sending you requests to be your friend and generally you may feel overwhelmed, so when this happens you have got to remember to work at your own pace and take it slow if you must and even so try to schedule your time within the community so you aren’t locked in for several hours a day running in circles. So with that being said, every now and then you will notice people having birthday wishes posted all over, make a video wishing the person a happy birthday. Not everyone will do that trust me. Doing that will make you stand out amongst the masses and believe it or not drive traffic to your site if done correctly. Remember not to be too obvious with your intentions within Facebook, they will pick up on that sort of thing rather quickly.

#3. After building established relationships and successfully started generating leads from Facebook, what else can be done you may be wondering. The last and final tip for you would be, and please only do this with someone you have talked with frequently. Call someone up, usually in the back of everyone’s profile there phone number is listed and if you feel the need, give them a call and ask them personally if there is any advice you can give them to improve their business. Remember when I said position yourself as a leader? That’s where this comes into play. Let others know that you are the professional and you know the ropes and are willing to help them cut corners to save money.