3 Big Rumor Expert Decrypt: 0950 500 Call Charges Connected To Smoking – Decrypt, 0950, Smoking

Each region Fixed telephone Has an area code, call the phone will display the area code + telephone number. For example, Guangzhou 020 ******** However, you believe that if the answer a “code” is displayed as 0950’s number, one will be absorbing costs 500 yuan? Recently, a reader Baoliao, the news network of BBS on the recent crazy biography, MO veracity. In addition, transmission is also crazy CND words as “ace” the phone will Mobile Infected with a virus, then the virus makes the cell phone lost communication and scrapped. And a cell phone “restore” power of rumor is lifted the user’s appetite. Rumors on the phone constantly, like a “virus” usually spread rapidly, its really very Leiren Hu?

Rumors of a: 0950 at the beginning of calls connected to absorb costs 500 yuan
“That everyone will take this phone number 0950 -*** is just a phone call back, very strange number 0950-13045 ** 28. Phone numbers like cell phone number, a fixed number not a fixed number, very strange not take it, and then check to know?? If your cell phone received a call from the beginning of 0950, one through 500. According to the police investigation found that the phone number at the beginning of 0950, its function just as 0204’s pay phone and 0950, or value-added of the pay phone, phone calls much more expensive than the 0204, once the allocated number at the beginning of 0950, you may have to pay a lot of money. “

Expert decryption: China Telecom Related technology companies, Guangdong who told reporter that the rumors could not be true. Not with the call because the telephone charges related to billing system only mode with the operator call-related charges, or other third parties can not deduct the user by dialing the call. Especially when almost all local calls free of charge (fixed, mobile and PHS ), Answering the phone at the beginning of 0950 will not produce the high cost. The source analysis, the number 0950 back deductions induce consumers are likely. Some inside and outside of the IP phone software does not display Caller ID, or can not be identified willful displays a number, if the user call back, then charge exorbitant fees. Therefore, the user receives the beginning of 0950 the phone, do fine, just do not call back, there would be no loss.

Conclusion: The rumor is not true.
Rumor 2: Enter a specific phone number
restore power “If your cell phone power is low, and to allow it to continue to use, can be * 3370 # key, the phone will restart after boot, you will find electricity increased by 50%. This is part of the hidden reserve electricity used up you have to recharge, and recharge time, invisible backup Battery Also charge that the next time of low power consumption can also use this method. In case of emergency if the phone is short of power, very useful to use this specific number. “

Expert decryption: interview, Mr. Cheng said in the communications industry, he also heard the rumors that he has repeatedly tested using different mobile phones, with the result there is no power increase. In order to further validate the reporter also used Nokia , Motorola, Lenovo, Sony Ericsson range of phones to experiment, turned on the special number and enter the so-called no response. Thus, the basic can be judged as false rumors.

However, according to Cheng said that although the special number of the rumors are not effective, but rumors are amplified on different occasions, sexually transmitted. He believes that without the confirmation of the rumors once again repeated the baseless assertion ultimately be regarded as mobile phone users “Cheats.”

Conclusion: The rumors of strange. Rumors 3:

Then “ace” the virus that infected phone calls abandoned SABUNG AYAM