3 Essential Elements of Creating Great Sales Copy Writing

Selling services or products over the Internet can be done in two ways. You can either sell through catalog style e-commerce marketing or through direct response marketing. Catalog style e-commerce marketing involves getting a range of services or products with their functions and uses in front of the eyes of prospective buyers.The buyer makes his choices based on the information he sees. In contrast to this direct response marketing often involves selling only one product or service. The buyer has only two choices which are to buy or not to buy. These choices are not always easy, but they are immensely rewarding if you can get it done.

In regards to direct response internet marketing, the goal of your sales copy writing is to motivate your reader to respond to your call to action. There’s a very specific set of skills you need to develop if you want to succeed. What’s most important is you must master the art of creating killer sales copy writing.

You should focus on these 3 elements to be effective. First you need to utilize an attention grabbing headline. It must influence the reader to stop what he or she is doing and immediately be inclined to seek more information. In online marketing I’ve observed with most solo ads that work you will find a strong headline. I would suggest you put the main benefit of your product into your headline. You should focus on it’s benefit and not it’s features. Let’s say you are selling an automated blog post making software.

As an example if you write “New Software Makes Automatic Blog Posts To Your Blog” that would be writing about the feature. However if you write “Discover How You Can Update Your Blog on Autopilot and Never Have to Look at it again for One Entire Year” that is writing about benefit.

The second way to make a captivating headline is by writing something in your headline that puts a question into the mind of your reader. It should be something that makes the reader think the answer must be in the body of your offer. When you read the headline your question is probably going to be ‘How is this accomplished?

The content of your sales copy writing must be engaging. Words must be written for the sole purpose of getting your readers attention. Here’s one simple technique to accomplish that.

Think about how people pass buckets down a line to put out a fire. Each person passes a bucket of water to the next person until it reaches the end of the line and the water is poured onto the fire. That is exactly what your sales copy must do. It must move the reader to read the next line and subsequently the next paragraph until he comes to the end.

To achieve that each sentence must connect to something in the next sentence that your reader wants to discover. And the last sentence of each paragraph must leave the reader with some missing piece of the puzzle such that he is compelled to continue reading. Look at the last line of each paragraph of this article. Can you see how it is done?

By using certain words like ‘if’ or ‘you must be a master at’ you covertly challenge the reader to seek what he does not yet know. Another way is by stipulating a certain number of points beforehand. By not covering all your points at once the reader will conclude there are more points to be covered in the next paragraph and reads on.

Another way your writing can resemble passing water buckets down a line is by using the last line of a paragraph to introduce what’s in the next. Yet another way is to pose a question in the last sentence. These are additional tips for great sales copy writing.

Great sales copy must have a clear call to action at the end. Your call to action must be compelling enough for your reader to take the action you desire. This can be made more convincing by answering your reader’s objection. One way you can accomplish this is by comparing the price of your product with another similar product, or challenging the reader to make a change by buying your product instead of remaining where he currently is.

Creating a clear call to action is a whole other topic by which can be written about in another article. I’ve listed in this article 3 key elements of great sales copy writing and other tidbits you should be able to use to increase the quality of your sales copy. Try everything I’ve mentioned and you will eventually see the results you’ve been looking for!

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