3 Methods To Get Rid Of Moles On Your Face – Pros And Cons

How to get rid of moles on your face is a commonly asked question because though some individuals can have a mole on their face that adds to their look (think Cindy Crawford) many other people have moles that take away from their appearance. So what do you do when you have a mole that has grown in size, has hair growing from it or is in a conspicuous place on your face? The answer is to find a way of moles removal and this post reveals three typical ways moles are removed as well as the pros and cons of each method.

Here are 3 ways of removing moles from your face:

1. Excision. This is a fancy phrase for getting the mole cut out. This is a operative method and should probably clear away the entire mole leaving it less likely that the mole will return, which can be a dilemma with other procedures of removal. Excision can be done in two way: physically cutting the mole out and burning the mole (excision with cauterization).

The drawbacks of excision with cutting is that if the mole is large or there are layers of pigmentation discovered deeper in the skin, then the wound can call for stitches to close and this will result in a surgical mark. Once you are eradicating a mole from your face, the leftover scar can be as obvious or much more apparent than the original mole.

A different drawback is the expense. Excision can run amongst $ 150 and $ 400 dollars and simply because this is ordinarily thought of skin care surgery, the price is not covered by insurance. Additionally, even if the doctor does not feel the mole is precancerous or cancerous, the mole will probably be sent to the laboratory for confirmation and this can add an extra few hundred dollars to your bill.

2. Laserlight Therapy. Laser removal uses a concentrated beam of light targeted on the mole to destroy the cells. A pro for this treatment is that a scar is less likely than with excision. A con is that the price of laser treatment for a skin mole will be equivalent to excision and will possibly have connected lab Edit this text costs.

An additional probable downside is that lasers can only treat moles that sit on the top layer of the skin so a mole that has deeper layers below the skin can not be removed effectively with this method.

3. Home Cures. Home remedies are frequently more appealing because they are very low-cost and can use common, easily found substances such as garlic, baking soda, honey, cauliflower juice as well as various household substances. Also, scarring is typically not a component due to the nature of the home therapy substances. A downside is that any suspicious mole should first be evaluated by a doctor and at home cures must in no way be utilized on a cancerous or precancerous skin deformity.