3 Rules to Better Fat Loss Training

Most everyone will give you a workout routine and tell you that it will give you superior fat loss. Well I’m hear to break that news to you, it won’t. Face is, most workout programs completely miss the boat when it comes to getting a passing grade for a fat loss training program. There’s actually three questions that it must address for better fat loss training.

1) Does it put the body in enough metabolic chaos?

Metabolic chaos is just another way of saying that your fat loss training should cause your metabolism to work hard. This is done through various different methods but the most common is through the use of intense weight training and short rest periods. Just performing a few leg exercises will cause your body to go into a tailspin, which is a great thing for losing fat. Short rest periods are also essential for burning fat. Your body will not be allowed to recover which will just further increase the intensity of the exercise.

2) How short are your workouts?

I ask about the length of your workouts when you are trying to burn fat because I am seeing an alarming trend in most workout routines that have you only working out for a few minutes. I can’t even believe that that is an option these days, oh how far fat loss training has fallen. There is no way to get an intense workout with workout programs that make it their goal to have you in and out of the gym quickly. Whatever happened to hard work? So when you are looking at a fat loss workout, you need to assess what type of results that it will get you. In the physique formula, I take you through 45 minute workouts that will absolutely help you blast body fat. That is what fat loss training should be. Intense workouts that last around thirty to forty-five minutes but have the goal of helping you burn fat.

3) Are you using multiple directional exercises?

I normally would laugh at people doing side lunges and single leg rows but these type of multiple direction or single limb exercise actually force your body to adjust to a different stimulus. Now I am all for big movements like squats and deadlifts but at times, you may want to consider these movement. Not only will you recruit different muscles but you’ll also shock your metabolism since it won’t be used to the change of direction or the single limb. Fat loss training has to be unique, who wants to just do the same movement over and over again?