3 Tips To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back To you

If you’ve just broken up and want to get your ex back, this article is for you. Most guys become nutty when their girl left them. They think about her all the time, they start to believe they won’t be able to live without her, and then they find every ways to contact with her. They call her everywhere. Well, are you doing those actions? You should consider yourself.



DON’T! This is not how to make your ex girlfriend want you back.


Does this sound like you? Well, I have bad news and good news. The bad news is you won’t get your girl back this way. The good news is it’s not too late, but you have to get a hold of yourself right now! Pinch yourself! Cold shower!


Once you have calmed down and are thinking properly then you can go forward. What’s next? Tell your girlfriend the break up was a good idea and walk away. Yes, you heard me, walk away. This puts time and space between you and gives you time to work things out emotionally. When youmake this decision it puts you in a very positive light with your ex and you will win her respect.


Next, you have to work on your physical and mental health. You may well feel like it is the end of the World right now and you are thinking “how can I go on?!” but let me tell you this is just a state of mind. Look around you, it’s not the end of the World, life goes on! And so it should for you. The easiest and fastest way to improve your mental self is to improve your physical self first. A healthy mind follows a healthy body, so get to the gym, or take up a sport, lose a few pounds from your body and your emotional baggage. This has the added effect of being a social thing so you meet and talk to people outside your normal circle, you get new perspectives, new experiences. It also does wonders for improving your confidence.


Then you need to get out socially as well. Whatever you do, don’t succumb to temptation to hide indoors with a load of booze or a PS3. This is the beginning of a whole plan on how to make your ex girlfriend want you back. You need to spark her interest in you and get her attention. You will have already got her attention by walking away from the break up. Now, if you get out and socialize with your improved appearance and confidence, the word is going to spread and soon your ex will know, and you will spark her interest again. So then you have a great platform to build on.