3 Tips To Help You Create A Safe And Sturdy Chicken Coop

Are you wanting to build a safe and sturdy chicken coop so you can start raising chickens at home? There are some effective tips that you have to find out so you can easily accomplish this goal.

Chickens do not require any fancy housing, but they do need somewhere that they can be safe from the elements and predators. Use the following tips and building your own safe and sturdy hen house will be simple.

1. Building plans – Before you can begin to build any hen house you have to first know how to do this. There are guides available that can be easily located on the internet to provide you with step by step instructions you need for building the housing you require.

It is imperative to locate good building plans to use, especially if you do not have experience with creating hen houses so you can be sure it is done right. If it is not built correctly, then your chickens could still be vulnerable to the elements and predators and not be well protected like they have to be.

2. Light – One thing many people do not realize is that chickens are very dependent on light. They sleep when the light goes away and they wake up at sunrise.

Without this light, their life cycle will be messed up and they will not be able to figure out when to do what comes naturally to them. Plus, this will affect their ability to lay eggs.

It is always a smart idea to have windows in the housing so they can get as much sun or light as possible each day, especially in the morning. The windows will also help with the air circulation in the hen house so they can breathe the fresh air.

3. Size – This is one of the most important tips to pay attention to because when you build a hen house it is imperative that you build the right size. You need to have around 2 to 3 square feet for each chicken to feel comfortable in their housing.

Think about the number of chickens you will house and this will help you figure out the best size for your hen house. One thing to remember is that it is much better to build housing that is bigger than you need than it is to build one that is too small to house your chickens.

For any person that uses these tips, you will be able to easily build a safe and sturdy chicken coop. Just make sure you take your time and locate a good guide to use so you can be sure it is created right from the beginning.
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