3 Ways a 12 String Electric Guitar Can Get You a Girlfriend

People play guitars so they can pick up chicks. But a 12 string electric guitar probably isn’t the first option people think of when it comes to sexy instruments.

But there are actually quite a few reasons why adding a 12 string electric guitar to your musical arsenal might be the thing you ever did for your guitar-playing career–and your love life.

12 String Electric Guitar Fact No.1: They’re Loud

Ever been jamming on stage with your band, and you spot this hot girl in the back. You’d love to get her attention, so you start wailing on your geetar. Unfortunately, your rhythm section is drowning you out.

Well, 12 strings are perfect for this scenario. With that natural chorus effect, you don’t have to crank up the volume and lose fidelity. You can just keep playing, maintaining a good sound, while impressing that indie chick in the back.

12 String Electric Guitar Fact No. 2 They’re Different

Feel weird playing the guitar Roger McGuinn made famous. Think again?

Girls like guys who are willing to be different and put themselves out there. What better way to do that than plug in a 12 string guitar?

And with their larger frame-and unconventional tuning engines-12 string guitars just look intimidating. (You know how those brooding intense types attract the ladies.)

12 String Electric Guitar Fact No.3: Level of Difficulty

Don’t believe they’re difficult to jam on. Just try tuning them.

My old geetar teacher used to playing guitar is easy–playing well is super hard. And this is never more true than with a 12 string electric. So next time you’re looking for a guitar the girls will swoon over, think about a 12 string electric. (Jimmy Page dragon pants optional.)
Sabung Ayam
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