3 Ways To Maintain 100% Feedback On eBay

Feedback is the most important part of trading on eBay. When using eBay as a tool to forward your business feedback must be something you constantly monitor and strive to maintain. Think about it, this is the first thing, other than your product, which people will see when they decide to make a purchase from you. I myself have refused to buy from certain eBay members because of the poor feedback they have received from other buyers.
Firstly, you must make sure that your listing description is 100% accurate. Most of the negative feedbacks I have seen out there are things like ‘Item did not match description’ or something along those lines. If there are any imperfections make sure that the buyer will be made aware of these in the description, if they aren’t then you may receive a negative feedback. Also do not say things like ‘Brand New In Box’ or ‘Mint Condition’ if they aren’t as this could once again result in a negative feedback. What you must remember is that if the customer is not satisfied in any way they will say so and then other eBay members will see this.
Another strategy to maintain excellent feedback is to deliver your products in a timely manner. The customer will want their product as soon as possible after making payment, as would you if you were the buyer. Always make sure to dispatch their item preferably within 24 hours of receiving payment, 48 hours maximum. Do not wait till the end of the week to post your items or till after you have spent the money you have received on those new shoes you wanted. The customer comes first, so they must first have their product dispatched before you can spend your hard earned money.
Finally, provide the best customer support possible. Make sure you answer any questions or queries as quickly as possible, this should really go without saying as these customers are willing to spend their money with you, if you delay with your response a potential customer will simply look for a similar product from another seller. Also, never get angry with a customer no matter how awkward or arrogant you believe they are behaving. Always maintain a polite and courteous manner when dealing with customers as if you sink to their level then it will be yourself who it backfires on.
Maintaining excellent feedback is quite straightforward as long as you start the way you mean to go on. What I mean by this is that you must begin trading on eBay with the high standard of customer service you would expect to receive yourself. Keep in mind these 3 tips when dealing with your customers and they should have no reason to complain and which will result in an excellent feedback rating.

John Thornhill is an eBay PowerSeller and trades on eBay under the username planetsms. John can turn you into a PowerSeller in 90 quick days. Visit to get the PowerSeller status you deserve.