3d Tv Buying Guide

You need to understand the finer points before you set out to buy a 3D TV. By following these points, you will be able to purchase a suitable and just the right television set for your home which will enhance your as well as your families TV viewing experience to greater heights.

Beginning with check out the 3D TV technology used in the television you wish to buy. Presently, the television set which are equipped with Active Shutter Display 3D technology work best at homes.

After you select a TV set which is equipped with Active Shutter 3D Display, you have to between Plasma and an LCD TV. LCD TVs are ideal if you wish to buy a small sized TV for some of the best Plasma TVs are offered in 42 inches or larger. Buying a large sized TV depends upon the size of the room and at what distance you wish to view the television from. Also Plasma TVs are preferred because of their better refresh rates and their ability to display 1080p 3D content in totality.

Moving over to the money part which also determines the television model you wish to buy. The television screen size is one of the important the driving factors of the cost of the television. The larger the screen size, the higher the price of the television. Hence for those of you who are money conscious, TV screen size and the budget have to be considered in greater detail when finalizing your 3D TV set.

The screen resolution and the viewing distance have to be considered to a great extent when you choose your new 3D TV sets. 3D TV sets come in 720p and 1080p, however if you are seated quite distant from your television, the resolution of the screen will not matter. In case of truly enjoy a 3D TV experience; you should go for a larger screen size and ensure that the pixilation viewing is minimized. The optimum viewing distance for a 42 inch television of 720p is 2.3times i.e 97 inches while for that 1080p the distance rests at 1.56 times which is 66 inches. TV experts do recommend a field of view of approx. 36-60 degrees for enjoy a large screen 3D experience without viewing the pixels on it.

3D TV Picture Quality and Refresh Rate for your 3D TV have also to be checked out before you buy the TV. With regards to picture quality you need to check out black levels, contrast as well as colour ratios. At the same time the refresh rate is equally important when it comes to 3D TV viewing. As mentioned earlier, Plasma TVs have a better refresh rate and hence if you are opting for one this should not be a problem. However, if you have zeroed down to a LCD TV and are quite flicker sensitive then you will probably not enjoy watching 3D TV programmes through them for the refresh rates is 120Hz. At the same time be sure you check out the offerings of each and every TV for it is very likely you could get fooled by a marketing gimmick for there are TV manufacturers which advertise something which they do not offer as well.

Lastly, from where you buy 3D TVs is equally important. You could check out the traditional electronic stores or even opt for an online purchase. Do make sure you check them out thoroughly with regards to price, prices of accessories, customer support and service, guarantees and warrantees offered and also the reputation of the seller. As usual it is important that you get an extended warranty on your product which offers additional protection to your TV too. SABUNG AYAM