4 Questions About Your New Car TV DVD Player

Nowadays, you can have DVD players, TVs, and touch screen panels easily with reasonable price. Technological advances have taken place at a rapid rate over a relatively short period of time.


If you are looking to get a dual DVD player TV for your vehicle, or if you are to have one, here are several important questions that you need to ask yourself before you purchase or install a new unit.


1. Does it do everything I need it to?

If you’ve managed to find an item that you’re interested in, make sure that it has all of the features you want. If it doesn’t, look elsewhere. Don’t get pressured by a salesperson or buy on impulse.


2. Does it come with all of the components it needs for it to work properly?

Many aftermarket units will come with a variety of components that are necessary for optimal functionality. However, some models may need additional pieces which have to be purchased separately. Make sure you have everything you need before you get home and try to install it yourself or try to have someone install it for you.


3. What kind of movies can be played on this particular unit? Does it do anything else besides play movies?

Before you purchase this particular type of new toy for your car, you need to know what type of format the player will play. Is it an international model that only plays a certain type of DVD? Is it a region-free model which can play any type of DVD? Does it only play DVDs or can it play Blu-Ray movies as well? Is there anything else that can be used for besides movies? Some examples include, streaming Web content, games, satellite radio and as a music player replacement.


4. Will the screen size desired fit into the area it is meant for?

The small versions of dual DVD TV models meant for use in cars come in a variety of sizes that are meant for different locations. Some of these locations include in the seat backs, in the back of the front headrests, or in the dashboard at various positions. Make sure the model that you purchase is appropriate for what you want to do with it.