4 Simple Steps to Increasing Your Profits on eBay

Here are a few simple steps to follow to increasing your profits and getting your item sold for the highest possible price on eBay.


You should always see your title as an advert to your item, and since you only have 55 characters to work with you need to make it a good one. So say for example you where selling a Dark Knight movie.

Here is a choice of titles to use:

TITLE 1: @@ LOOK!! @@ Da Vinci Code Movie Brand New!!! WOW!!!!

TITLE 2: Da Vinci Code Movie Blu Ray Disc High Def Brand New

Which one would you choose?

If you chose title 1 then unfortunately you picked the wrong one. I know on the surface it looked appealing but it has unnecessary characters in it which wastes your advertising space and therefore reduces how many people will see your title to the item.

The key is to have as many keywords in the title as possible.

If you chose title 2 then well done! You see by choosing title 2 will get more exposure to your item since people searching for Blu Ray discs and The Da Vinci Code brand new will come across your listing. So therefore increasing the amount of people looking at it and consequently increasing your potential audience to bid or buy your item.


There have been numerous times I have seen a listing where the description has been in capital letters and has been difficult to read and as a result turned me away from buying the item. So don’t put your description in capital letters it’s hard to read.

People not typing much of a description in thinking the item will sell is ridiculous, without typing a detailed description the item is less likely to sell. A detail description will allow the buyer to know exactly what they are getting. It also reduces the risk of negative feedback.


A picture is vital as the title as a picture will describe for you what sometimes can be difficult to describe in words. It will also show the buyer exactly what they are buying. This will give the buyer more confidence in the item and so more likely to bid / buy your item.


This might be obvious but I have seen many items placed in wrong categories and having less or even zero bids placed on the item. If you are unsure of which category to place your item, then research on eBay and see what categories other people have placed their item similar to yours under. As this will give you a guide to choosing the right category and increasing your profits on eBay.