4 Tips to Choose the Best Color For Your E-Book Cover

Colors play a big role in determining whether your e-book will sell or not. The more attractive and vibrant the colors, the more the chance of your e-book selling, this is simply because bright and vibrant colors attract the attention of the buyer and plays a part in determining whether the buyer will or will not notice your e-book and hence buy it. The wrong colors on the other hand may even negatively affect the sale of the e-book.

The Secrets of a Successful E-book

Here are four important pointers to determine which colors you should use for your e-book:

Go in for colors which are appropriate for the subject matter of your e-book. For example, the color green can be used extensively in the case of e-books which are about starting a business, gardening etc. The text material on the cover should be clear and easy to read. In order to enhance the clarity of the text, color of the text material should be in sharp contrast to the background. As a result of this, the text material becomes even easier to read.

Secondly, use colors which blend into the color scheme of your website. Moreover you should ensure that all these colors complement each other and do not clash. Do not overcrowd your cover-page with a large number of different colors. This may have a negative impact. Limit the number of colors to two or three at the most.

It is common knowledge that a photograph has greater selling power than plain old boring text. It is important to use colors which complement the primary color of the photograph, while designing the e-book for best results. Colors which clash with the main color used in the picture may produce disastrous results.

Lastly, it is important to think about the mood which you want to create. This is important in determining whether your e-book will sell or not, simply because people buy what they want, not what they should. For example, the color red represents romance, action passion, fire etc.

Next time you design your e-book, follow these four, simple rules in order to boost your sales.