4 Tips To Make Your Press Releases Effective

Article writing is a great method to drive huge amount of traffic to your website or to the products and services you are selling as a product owner or an agency. Press Releases (PR for short) is also an excellent way. The difference between two these ways is in terms of format. For PR, you must have a form like a piece of news that you read in your local newspaper. In this article, I want to share 4 effective tips for PR which can help you get your wish.


1. Catchy Title

Similar to writing titles for your articles, the titles of your Press Releases should be catchy enough such that it will capture your potential readers’ attention to want to read it in full.

If you are new to writing Press Releases, what you can do is to visit some websites, and find Press Releases in the niche topic that you are going to write about and see how others write it.

Whenever you see titles that are catchy, jot them down on a piece of paper, and you can use them when you are writing your own Press Releases (However, be sure not to copy the title as they are, make some changes to it to avoid getting into trouble).


2. 5 Ws, 1H

Your Press Release should be structured around answering what I call the 5 Ws and 1 H, and they are:

Who – To whom is it meant for (who are your targeted audience).

What – What is it about.

When – If you are selling a product/service, state when will it be made available.

Where – Where can they locate your offer (You can place your Call To Action here).

Why – Why should your audience listen to your advise – You can highlight some customer feedbacks, or highlight some benefits of the product/service.

How – How, by following the advise in this Press Release, will impact their life.


3. Clear Call To Action

Many people fail to generate any results in their Press Releases simply because they do not have a Call To Action You see, people will only take action when you tell them to, and that’s precisely what you need to do.


Make sure that your Call To Action is clear enough (if you want them to click on a link, then tell them explicitly) and that it is above the fold – What this means is that your Call To Action should be visible in the top half of the page without your readers having to scroll.


Also, you want to make sure that you’ve thoroughly tested your links before you publishing, due to the fact that it will be difficult to make amendments after it is made live to the public.


4. Writing From A 3rd Party Perspective

People seem to be more receptive if it is written from a 3rd party perspective, rather than directly from a merchant, or an affiliate marketer.


You can get better results from your efforts if you are writing it from a 3rd party perspective.


The above are 4 tips that I wanted to share with you on writing effective Press Releases.