4 Ways To Love Your Work Over And Over

Does your work feel like, well, work? That should not be the case. Otherwise, it will be very easy for you to feel tired and burned out. The good news is you can do something to feel rejuvenated every time you go to your office to perform your tasks. Here are 4 great ideas:

1. Enjoy some me time. Give yourself some time to do the things you really want to do. Now it doesnt have to last the entire day. The most important thing is you learn to de-stress yourself.

For example, when you get home, you can soak yourself in a bubble bath with scented candles around you and some feel-good music. You can paint or sing your heart out over a song youve been learning for days. Give yourself a massage or facial. You can even just sit there and watch a movie or a good television program.

2. Dont bring your work at home. There are too many reasons why you should not. First you can no longer distinguish your work from your personal life. The faster it will be for you to feel the burnout. It also gives you a reason to procrastinate when youre at the job.

Make sure you can finish whatever it is you need to do on or before you have to go out of the building. If you need to do overtime, do so, but remember dont bring any paperwork at your house.

You may ask, What if Im working at home? This is where a home office may be needed. A home office represents your job. The moment you step out of it, then it means youre ready to tackle anything personal. Besides, just because youre working at home doesnt mean you cannot be professional enough and think of yourself like an employee in an office.

3. Make your weekends sacred. Dont do anything work related during your weekends, unless you need to travel somewhere (which gives you an opportunity to roam around and explore once the work is done) or your company has some social activities to do, which is also a breather since you can do something quite different with your colleagues.

Your weekends should be all about the activities you may never get to do when youre working. You may want to take up a hobby or go back to school or play up some sports. Of course, you can take at least a day off somewhere quite far, such as to another state. You can sleep for as long as you can.

4. Practice the use of subliminal messages. How can subliminal messages improve your manner of thinking about work? Subliminal messages have a way to developing a much better mind-set. Take these for example:

I love my work.
I appreciate the job that I have.
I can change this from work to vocation and passion.

If youre going to repeat these lines over and over, the subliminal messages will start to feel like truths, and thus, they usher a whole new type of thinking about jobs. SABUNG AYAM