4 Ways to Make New Friends & Connections on Twitter

Last night I was checking my Google News Alerts and I came across an article that asked, “Do You Still Think Twitter Is Stupid?”

Of course this caught my attention because I feel Twitter can be an effective marketing tool in any business, regardless of size, and was curious why someone would pose such a question.

However, much to my relief, I stumbled upon some useful and insight information on how businesses are using Twitter and what businesses should be doing to manage their online reputations.

And this got me thinking…

What are some great ways to use Twitter effectively to receive the most value and to make new friends and connections online?

Below are 4 ways you can use Twitter to get a good “ROTI” (return on time invested) and make some new friends while you’re at it:

1. Blog

I can’t stress how important blogging is to your success online. I use to struggle with blogging because I didn’t know what to say or what to write. Then one day I just started recording all the thoughts and ideas that crossed my mind. Eventually I had tons of ideas for blog post. When I started to share my ideas, I began getting new followers on Twitter and more comments on my blog.

2. ReTweet Helpful Links

Lately, I’ve noticed that just about every time I re-tweet something that I found compelling and helpful, I get a few new followers. And sometimes, it’s people who are local to me in Los Angeles. This opens up a big door to expand my network and meet new people in my industry. And so can you. Since most of these people found you, touch bases with them, and if they’re local, ask if they’d be willing to meet and talk about the Web and other interest you share. Most will be glad to do so.

3. Follow People Who ReTweet Your Tweets

Like I said, most of the people who re-tweet your tweets found you. After doing a mini shack down of their profile, if it’s a person who you feel will add value to what ever you have going on, follow them. If they haven’t followed you already, there’s a 50% chance they will. I like those odds.

4. Follow Well Respected People In Your Niche/Industry

This is probably one of my favorites. Most of the helpful information I find nowadays comes from tweets by respected Web 2.0 professionals that I follow on Twitter. Instead of going to Digg or Technorati for my news, I now have it delivered to me in real time on Twitter. I get to discover new information, new bloggers, and make new connections through people who tweet helpful information.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other ways to effectively use Twitter to make new friends and market your business. There are some unwritten rules and guidelines to Twitter, but as long as you’re being helpful and participating in the conversation, you should be fine.

If you can think of any other ways to use Twitter to make new friends and market your business, please use the comment form to share your thoughts.


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