“5? 12” Anniversary Of The Earthquake In 10 Moments – Earthquake Anniversary – Water

“Major disaster before it love!” May 14, 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao at the earthquake’s live news conference, uttered the words meaningful. Two years, a field unforgettable disaster, so that our nation again and again Fenghuang Nie?, Our country again and again to the test. Occurred 20 days ago “4? 14” Yushu in Qinghai Province earthquake, once again shocked and hurt us, once again test our country and people.

Heartless world, the world is love. Every time disaster strikes, millions Oil Always charge the former, such as the flood of love, courage on this responsibility. Wenchuan earthquake so, Yushu disaster relief so that post-disaster reconstruction, drought protection for the case, so fighting frozen snow … … Today, people across the country deep in Wenchuan quake victims commemorate the occasion, we launched a special report for celebrating our great motherland great nation and the great oil man.

History can not be forgotten, memories linger.
Two years ago, in the earthquake, the strength of large, scope, destroy large, unprecedented. This natural disaster, let long-suffering endured a major test of the Chinese nation. The great spirit of earthquake relief, so that our country move on in the rehabilitation of the road.

Two years, the Chinese people once again to accept the earthquake test, the spirit of our nation once again shown most clearly. Yushu earthquake less than a month, the rapid post-disaster reconstruction. Tenacious fellow Yushu help people across the country, is rapidly building a better home.

Relief as family members of the Chinese nation, millions of people never slack off oil, always charge the former!

A kind of unforgettable memories Inner strength permanent transfer Have a picture, so that Muslim employees happy Wenchuan County Xiqiang stations lifetime.

Two years ago on May 24, Moody and colleagues are happy to disaster relief to the oil transfer station by the Western Qiang Guo located in Wenchuan County, bamboo Po station. Two in the afternoon, the team arrived at their stations Guo Zhu Po and found a minibus was stopped at the gas station nearby. He came closer, ah, beloved Premier Wen Jiabao is rolled down the rear window, waving to the people around. He quickly pushed ahead, said: “Premier Wen Jiabao, Hello! My Chinese oil workers … …” printed on Premier Wen looked at him, “Stone Flower” uniform, tightly holding his hand and said gently: “You is the gas station right over there? you have worked hard … … “Mu happiness suddenly moved to tears.

Two years, Moody’s well-being stick in the refueling position, go all out for the reconstruction after Wenchuan earthquake refueling. As long as a telephone line, regardless of when and where they would put the oil quality and quantity in time to the site. Today, Moody could not help being reminded often of those days two years ago. Whenever I think of the Prime Minister that the warm look and a strong wave, he was black and full of energy. So he and his colleagues pleased that, although the market two years ago that a major earthquake destroyed their homes, but also earthquake destroyed the oil filling stations in China, but today, the people at home and the joint efforts of the oil, 1 seat new gas station re-erected on this new look of the land.

Of this feeling, the same scene in Yushu relief. April 23, guide disaster relief is the Qinghai Provincial Secretary Qiang Wei of China Petroleum gas station to research condolences. When you see oil workers braved the risk of aftershocks adhere to the gas station for the affected people and vehicles involved in relief refueling, deeply moved, he shook the hands of members of fuel kept saying: “Thank you! Thanked China for oil!”

Or in Yushu earthquake. Tibetan compatriots rushed riding a disaster Motorcycle Come fill up, the clenched hands of oil workers, said: “Thank you, thank you, there oil is like, and there is oil there is hope for their families.” His family was also the original pressure in the rubble, he In the first rush to rescue his family.

One is our Prime Minister, one is the party secretary, a disaster of our dear compatriots, the very period in the earthquake relief, disaster in the face of the moment, they are a warm handshake, a sincere thanks for a genuine move, that is, on the one million people the highest praise of oil.

In earthquake relief in many such stories. Have been or are still struggling in the affected areas to participate in security for the oil people, with their actual actions in the active participation of earthquake disaster relief, social responsibility, while also receiving community review. Each of them not only their own behalf, but also represent the image of the oil. Their praise of the community, but also to the people of this heroic group of oil sure. SABUNG AYAM