5 Drinks to Spice Up Your Boracay Nightlife

Boracay nightlife offers diverse people, locations, and music to party to. The island serves a varied choice of drinks for the adventurous and for those who choose to stick with the favorites and just chill. Boracay drinks variety from exquisite cocktail selections to satisfying fresh fruit shakes that you can decide on to “spike.” Island parties will not be full with no a rundown of the very best areas to be observed at and the ideal drinks to have. Under are five of the best Boracay cocktails and exactly where you can discover the best mix for every.

1. Orgasm

An Orgasm is most most likely brandy primarily based. Some choose it served on the rocks even though some prefer it as a shooter, like how most prefer their Boracay cocktails.

Bom Bom Bar close to D*Mall is a haven for musicians, artists, and thinkers. More than the years, Bom Bom has produced a name for itself as a staple of the Boracay nightlife, serving Orgasms and other Boracay drinks according to its customers’ preference. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable enough to come up with the right mix just for you.

2. Long Island Iced Tea

Lengthy Island Iced Tea is a well-liked Boracay drink. A combination of tequila, rum, gin, and vodka, this mix tends to have a greater alcohol concentration.

Hey Jude! is situated in Station 2, at the beach front of D*Mall. The bar consistently remains on leading of the Boracay nightlife list, serving up hip-hop and R&ampB tunes. Their pizza is remarkable and is fantastic for sharing. Pair it up with a Hey Jude! Long Island Iced Tea and dance the evening away.

3. Mojito

Originally a Cuban drink, mojito is a bar preferred produced of white rum, lime, and a splash of mint.

Chill Nigi Nigi’s Beach Bar, positioned amongst Stations 2 and 3 is well-known for Boracay cocktails and individuals-watching. It is greatest to get pleasure from the sunset in Nigi Nigi ahead of hopping over to the party areas additional down Station 2 for a slammin’ Boracay nightlife.

4. Kamikaze

Yet another well-liked Boracay cocktail, the Kamikaze is made of vodka, lime juice, and Triple Sec, typically served with a wedge of orange or lime.

Red Pirates Pub offers a fresh breath of Boracay nightlife, featuring native beats with performances on bongos, djembes, and other cool instruments. This waterhole near Station 3 is a very good place to rest and chat with other travelers, best with a serving or two of their blend of mojitos.

five. Sex on the Beach

And why wouldn’t you want to have it? A super drink produced from vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice and peach schnapps.

Cocomangas in Station 1 continually seems close to the prime of Boracay nightlife stops. The bar is one particular of the most creative in the island, coming up with the “Nevertheless standing right after 15” challenge. Participants drink 15 fiery shots and if still standing right after the final shot, they win a shirt and a plaque on the bar’s wall.

Cocomangas is the place to go to for the right mix of music, men and women, and a selection of the ideal Boracay cocktails.