5 Easy E-Mail Marketing Tips

E-mail marketing has turned viral, and because of this, has become somewhat of a bane to the average e-mail user. The word viral is no misnomer, either, as millions and millions of SPAM based advertisements spread the internet looking for hosts to lock onto with hook, tooth and claw.

There are, however, techniques to guide the online marketer. Tips dripping with decorum and scruples, so much so, that it leads to potential business actually asking for your advertisements to be sent their way. We all know the feeling of frustration that comes about with an inbox full of unwanted adverts for unwanted products. Use these five tips wisely, however, and you could soon have a database full of e-mail addresses that would gladly welcome all your marketing endeavors.

Be Persistent

The shear nature of society today is that of being bombarded by relentless and innumerable sources of information. Your e-mails disclosing your intent can easily be overlooked, deleted. Statistics on the matter state that it should take around 20- 30 imprints of a certain concept or logo before the average working person absorbs what information is available. Be persistent in your marketing ploy, without causing frustration or irritation.

Use More Text

Animated e-mails with clever flash and colorful logos get sent to the deleted items folder faster than any other. With new and improved filters spawning by the hour, there is no guarantee that the full message of your advert will reach the intended destination. Lose the flash and increase the text. Your message will load faster and with content that is well-written and to the point, your text should be able to sell your product better than any flashy e-mail ever could, and it will slip through the filters with ease.

Stop Sending at the right Time

If your recipients stop replying there is a good chance they no longer want to receive your e-mails. You need to re-establish your relationship before you send them any more of your messages. Just as you would stop if they requested a removal from your mailing list, the ethical thing would be to hold the mailing until you’ve established whether they want you to continue or not. It could be the mere matter of them not getting your messages but if they no longer want to do business with you, re-evaluate your relationship but respect the wishes of the client.

Ask Permission

E-mail has quickly established itself as one of the most personal forms of advertising out there, and because of this deep personal nature, the client must, at all times, be respected. Without obtaining adequate permission you run the risk of SPAM penalties and could even be banned outright with most destinations blocking your content due to your online reputation. The main downside, though, is the fact that you destroy relationships and effectively shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to certain important customer relations.

Make your Message worth Reading

As previously stated, your client will be receiving content from an uncountable number of sources. You need to make sure that your content, promoting your business, makes the most impact. Special offers, catalogues, information on specials and even coupons for special reductions and freebies, all make your message standout and most likely the one your client is going to take the time out of his or her busy day, to read.

Utilize the power of e-mail as a valuable marketing tool. If done with decorum and a touch of smarts, your company could be the antidote to the virus of SPAM and e-mail marketing bombardment. Make sure you’re not just another e-mail advert, create a signature style that your client will recognize as quality and watch as your clientele address book grows.

MC Gudan e MC Don Juan – Boca de Pelo (Video Clipe) DJ Yuri Martins

Inscreva-se no canal GR6 MUSIC e fique por dentro dos lançamentos do Funk: http://bit.ly/2oPPsHP

Contrate MC Gudan (Start Music): 11 2385-6292


Produzido por GR6 Filmes
Direção: Caio Pavan
Direção de fotografia: Arthur Mafra
Produção: Murilo Paiva/Buiu
Roteiro: Buiu
Operação de Camera: Wesley Lobo
Técnica: Uellinton Azevedo
Iluminação e Elétrica: Aleandro
Edição e finalização : Gabriel Bargmann
Participação: Tabuada
Designer Motion: Aires Designer

Baixe todos os lançamentos: https://soundcloud.com/gr6-explode

Letra da música:
Nos bota ela pra mamar, nos é ruim não marca toca
Depois chega o emocionado e pede pra beijar na boca
Depois quer contar vantagem falando que é o pegador
Ah eu vou ter que zoar, tu beijou depois que ela mamou
Ah eu vou ter que zoar, tu beijou depois que ela mamou
Iae boca de pelo, tu ta beijando a mina que mamo o bonde inteiro
Iae boca de pelo, tu ta beijando a mina que mamo o bonde inteiro

Este videofonograma é um produto original e próprio da Gravadora e Editora. A cópia dele ou o reenvio do mesmo resultará em grandes implicações ao seu canal do youtube ou até a exclusão do mesmo.


Ano 2017.