5 Most Famous Brands of Luxury All Over the World

The first Brand: Louis VuittonHow to Get out of It? hockey sticks can Help You Make It!

The most enduring logo [Monogram”, which set up in 1854, is a French leather products brand know by all generations. LV began to develop its fashion kingdom since 1990s. And its handbag is the most popular one in the world.Fashion News: baseball bat are in the Leading Place in the Year Of 2010

Brand 2: Chanel

Coco Chanel founded this French brand in 1913. Tendency Mistakes Even Smart Vanessa Abrams Make with baseball bat The legend life of the founder and the brand’s strongly personal style are the hottest topics among people. Why People in Detroit all Choose Shinty Hockey stick At the early age, Chanel is famous for the women’s stylish high-ranking suits. Till this year, do you still believe Chanel full of femininity? The latest sports suits prove that Chanel can lay equal stress on feminine and sporty.

Brand three: Christian Dior.

Christian Dior, with the aristocratic origin, founded his own name first stores in 1946. Christian Dior was known as the design of an unprecedented tight waist coat with loose dress. This showed the beauty of women’s slender line and won the fair maiden’s heart at that time. Dior’s lastest Bohemia collection with Siede’s Dior Bag makes Dior a fashion pinoeer.

Brand 4: Hermès

French man Thierry Hermers established Hermers in 1837, it was first envolved in the business of harness making. Began to produce handbags and scarves in late 20s, and began to produce fashion clothing with all his strength after being favoured. The most classic is the known-to-all Kelly Bag and the square Scarf. It is said that the Waiting list of Kelly Bag has been as long as sevearl years. Only after 7 years can consumers get them. In addition, its jewelry, watches and so on are all handmade with special care, and no wonder they called Hermès products works of art of high quality, rich content and exquisite craft.

Brand 5: YSL

In 1961, Yves Saint Laurent and her parter Pierre Berge bulit the realm of YSL. The hand-made night gowns with no detail overlooked were pursued by noble ladies. In 2003, Tom Ford added new designs to the famous Pop Art of YSL – lip and rose patterns. The fashion series is meant to honor this master.