5 Need to See Attractions In Thailand

Thailand is wonderful and vibrant nation that is fondly recognized as “the land of smiles”. This great country has attracted a lot of visitors from around the globe, producing it 1 of the most desirable tourist’s spots in the entire world. In this report, we give you info on the best attractions that are a must see in Thailand with a Thai visa.

1.Sanctuary of Truth

This is a wooden temple that is located in the city of Pattaya in Thailand. This religious structure is property to a number of sculptures that spend homage to the Buddhist and Hindu religion. The attributes of this structure are based on the standard religious themes with contemporary visionary art base. The exclusive Khmer architecture is prominently noticed in this structure. You can effortlessly visit this stunning and eye catching attraction with your buddies or family only with a simple Thai visa


This legendary Buddhist temple is situated in the historic centre of Chaing Mai. Originally, most of the temple grounds exactly where initially created up of three temples which integrated WatChediLuang, Wat Ho Tham and WatSukim. Construction of this creating began in the 14th century when the reigning king of that era, King SaenMuang Ma wanted to bury the father’s ashes in this structure. It comprises of best mix of the old architectural types of the Lanna style with a mix of the Central Thai style.

3.DoiSuthep Mountain

Situated in the Chiang Mai province of Thailand, this mountainous range holds the tallest twin peaks in the region. The iconic attraction of this mountain range is that most of the bedrock of this mountain is produced up of granite. The Buddhist temple of the WatPhrathatDoiSuthep is situated on best of the hill, and is 1 of the most critical pilgrimage spots for locals and visitors. Using the Thai visa, you can encounter the legend of the reverend white elephant.

four.KhaoYai National Park

This is the third largest national park in Thailand, which is home to over 3 thousand species of animals, birds and plants which has attracted a lot of guests from around the planet. A lot of local and exotic species of animals are now thriving right here and the government is going out of its way to make certain that these species are protected.


This temple was constructed in the year 1297 by the legendary King Manglai of the Lan Na dynasty. One of the most eye-catching characteristics of this structure is the replica of the Ashok Pillar that is equivalent to the one particular in Vaishali, a city in India. Numerous “talking trees” are positioned about pools with scripts of wisdom written in English and Thai hanging from the branches of this tress.