5 Surefire Ways in 2008 to Build the Right Work-Life

Whether you travel to the office each day or mosey down the hall to your home office there is more blending of your work and your life than you might realize.

For example, it is not unusual for people at the office to check their g-mail account, have friends call them at work, solicit for their kid’s school fund raiser or buy a few birthday presents on the internet during the work day.

On the other hand, how many times have you walked in the door from working and find yourself spending the next hour mulling over a work project or thinking about the sticky personnel issues that have to be dealt with and hatching your plan of action when you are supposed to be off work?

If you work from home as a solo entrepreneur usually does, you have no illusion about whether your work and life are blended. They are.

The difference is if you have done your homework and picked the right work for you, then you love the work life blend, because it is a labor of love.

See how many of these tips and strategies you can incorporate to help you achieve the perfect work life mix by this time next year.

1. Freedom, autonomy, creativity, fun, travel, most of us consider these nice things to have in our life. What do you really want the most? Deciding what is at the top of your list is the first essential step. Until you know this, you will not know how to chart your course.

2. What Do You Always Do? If you look back through your life, you will see a pattern of behavior that is fairly predictable. Maybe you always pick up something to read, enter analysis mode, pick up tools and start building, or get into a lengthy discussion. Knowing how you naturally operate is important so that you can figure out how to incorporate your modus operandi to your best advantage.

3. Write Down what you would do if you could not fail. There will be clue that reveals itself when you take away the fear factor. Confusion or feeling like you can not decide what you want masks a certain amount of fear of what might happen if you are successful. To keep fear from paralyzing your thought process, momentarily remove the risk that is associated with going for what you want.

4. Realize that you are in business for yourself even if you are working at a job. You are trading time for money; you are investing in the job to make sure you are in line for a promotion or a better job by getting more education, training, etc. The same is true for being an entrepreneur. Your job could end tomorrow. Your business revenue could dry up to a dribble. You are self employed. The difference is you control only one of these jobs.

5. What works for you? You can be good at something, but not want to do it anymore. Try not to just look at your skills to figure out what you want. Look at how you spend free time. What is the best use of your time? Are you alone, with a group, pampered, pushing yourself? Invest the time and reflection into knowing what works best for you.

How much longer do you want to spin your wheels doing work that you are just not that into? Gaining clarity through these five tips will move you closer to your ideal work-life blend and help you feel like what you are doing is what you should be doing.
Sabung Ayam
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