5 Things to Look For in a Perfect Beer Mug

Have you ever stopped to consider that beer is not just beer anymore? Beer comes in hundreds of varieties and flavors. In today’s global economy and a super market packed with groceries, produce and meats from all corners of the world, we’ve committed to dip our carrots in Middle Eastern Hummus (A popular dip made from chick peas, drink coffee brewed from beans grown on Brazilian Mountain tops, Sea Food swimming up somewhere by the Arctic Circle and stinky cheese from a farm in France.

So beer is an American thing right? Think again! According to recent studies, there are over 1,500 types of beer being sold in the North America alone. Consumers are increasingly interested in more flavorsome, individualized beers and have taken an interest in how the beer is brewed. You will find beers, ales, stouts, pilsners and other interesting types of beer in the most averagely stocked grocery store in America today. The evolution of so called micro-breweries, small players producing local beers, has sky rocketed over the last 15 years.

So how do we enjoy this plethora of new beers and its cousins (and distant relatives)? Straight out of the bottle? In any old glass? Absolutely not. According to beer flavor experts around the country, a beer should be enjoyed in a mug, and the right mug for the right beer is a combination that is just as important, as the right glass for the right type of wine.

So what makes a perfect mug? Here are some things to look for;

1) Solid base: A solid thick glass base will maintain your beers temperature longer as have considerably better balance over the thin verities.

2) Thick glass: The thickness of the glass is relevant for the temperature of the beer poured in it. If you like to freeze and frost glasses prior to drinking, a thicker glass will keep the beer temperature longer.

3) Handle: Many beer drinkers prefer to grab a mug by its body but a smooth comfortable handle actually provides a more balanced and even use

4) Shape: If you like draughts, pilsner and lager, the Tulip shape is the ideal mug for you. If you like a general American light beer, flavors come to their maximum capacity through an evenly shaped cylinder or what is known as the Harp Nonic Shape.

5) The “Opening”: The top of the beer should not be closed or captioned like a wine glass, but open to let the beer fully interact with the oxid environment it sits in. This will bring the beer to its fullest capacity.

Good luck in identifying your favorite beer – and the right mug to go with it!
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