5 Tips That May Help You To Master Easy Lead Guitar Solos

Although you may have only been learning how to play the guitar for a relatively short period you are looking now for some easy lead guitar solos to learn. The internet is a great place to find lessons that will show you how to play such solos and which will with plenty of practice help to improve your playing technique.

There are certain things that you should be taking into consideration before you actually begin to learn any kind of easy lead guitar solos. Most guitarists when they start learning how to play this instrument will attempt lead guitar solos that have been written by groups like Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses. Below we provide you five tips which you may find helpful when you try for the first time to play any type of lead guitar solo.

Tip 1 – When you first start to learn to play a lead guitar solo when attempt to create random notes within it. Although the music created by guitarists such as Santana does include random notes, the sound that he produces isn’t purely because of the random notes within it. Certainly for you it is far better when you are learning to play any lead guitar solo you don’t allow yourself to create random notes within it, instead spend time creating a template that you can then use for improvising.

Tip 2 – Make sure that you have a blues scale to hand although this doesn’t actually refer to the music of this name. It may well have the same random feeling as you would get from playing blues music this scale is not purely designed for using with this kind of music. For anyone who is wishing to learn how to play any lead guitars solo then this is the template that they should be using.

Tip 3 – Whether you learning difficult or easy lead guitar solos you should make sure that you regular practice alternate picking on your guitar. The way in which you pick your guitar is going to influence the kind of music which you produce. In many cases the lead guitar solos you play will include some improvisation in them so knowing the various ways of picking a guitar can prove very beneficial to your playing. Also practising this technique will help you to better determine if the sound you are producing when playing the guitar is good or bad.

Tip 4 – You should make sure that every note you play in the lead guitar solo is even and clear. Still at this stage of playing a lead guitar solo you should be avoiding trying to incorporate any random notes in to what you are attempting to play. Also it is advisable that you spend some time working on the scales and the ways in which they can be played. Not only should you learn to play them forwards but backwards as well. Plus as you learn any new easy lead guitar solos you should spend time playing each note twice before attempting the next one.

Tip 5 – If you need to make a list of the notes that you are playing as this will help you to memorize the different scales that you will be using when you play your guitar. Then when it actually comes to you performing a piece of music for the first time you will use this to help you to determine where the improvised chords are meant to be in the piece you are playing.

Above we have provided you with five tips that may help you when you are learning many of the easy lead guitar solos that are available. But at the end of the day the only way in which you can really improve your guitar playing is through practising each piece of music you learn over and over again.
Sabung Ayam
Civil War Solo – Guns ‘N Roses – Acoustic Guitar Cover

This my acoustic version of the Civil War Solo by Guns ‘N Roses.
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Sabung Ayam