5 tips to create quality eBay Listings

Have you ever noticed that there are some sellers whose products seem to fly out the door? You know, the ones where you check their listing at breakfast and see that they have ten products available, then check the same store at lunchtime to find that there are only 2 left in stock. How do they do this?

Well if you’ve paid their listing enough attention to see that drop then there is obviously something about it that has caught your eye and set it apart from the vast majority of other listings. This by itself should be indication that this seller is very good at what they do. eBay Store Designs have put together these 5 tips for you to try on your eBay Listings to see how you can improve your eBay business.

1. Make sure that your Listing Title is effective
Your listing title should include everything that customers may use to find your product, so if you are selling parts for a product then make sure the product is mentioned in the title. A good tip is to use something like the Google Adword Keyword tool as this shows you the alternative searches for the product name you type in and how many people are looking for that product by different names.

2. Make sure that your photos are good
Manufacturer photos are all very well but they show the detail that the manufacturer wants to advertise, not necessarily the details that will make a sale for your business. Original photography, even if it is not as high quality as the manufacturer images, shows that as a seller, you care about giving your customers the right information, rather than just the information you have. Don’t forget that if a customer asks for a photo from a specific article,l they may know something that you don’t and responding to this request may clinch the deal.

3. Check that your description text says everything that it needs to
Don’t just assume that a product name will do, make sure the technical information is in the description for those that want it and spend a paragraph explaining why the product is good. Just like with photography buyers want to see a seller who knows and cares about the products, so don’t just use the text that the manufacturer gives you.

4. Make your listings template eye catching
Appearances may not be everything, but in differentiating your business from the millions of private sellers on eBay and also setting yourself apart from other business sellers make sure that the html graphics surrounding your listing are both quality and eyecatching. eBay Store Design specialise in quality eBay Shop page designs, including pre-defined listing templates that can make your listings look a million times better than anything the competition have.

5. Make sure you communicate well.
Good communication is essential on eBay, the system is designed to allow you to connect directly to your customers. Because the ability is there you must use it well and remember, if it turns out that your customer knows something about your product that you weren’t aware of, learn from their knowledge and include this information into your listings profile for that product.

With these tips you can create product listings that will not only be easily found by your customers but also build your company’s authority in that product field, satisfy the demand for quality information and project the quality of your company. These should go a long way towards increasing your sales figures and making better profits from eBay.