5 Tips To Increase Resilience In Solo-Entrepreneurs

At some point, every entrepreneur is faced with challenges and obstacles. There is no avoiding it. Developing the ability to persevere through challenging and uncertain times is the definition of resilience. The good news is any entrepreneur can increase their resiliency. Here are 5 ways to increase yours:

1) Optimism

Maintaining an attitude of optimism has helped many entrepreneurs get through scary times. If you don’t tend to be the most optimistic person here are a few things you can do:

* Practice Gratitude – Get into a daily habit of being grateful for what you appreciate and what has gone right today.

* Mantras/Affirmations – Repeat saying some phrase or quote that makes you feel more positive and hopeful. Mine is plain and simple: ” I can do this. Nothing is going to stop me but me. And I am not stopping. I am unstoppable!”

* Self-coaching – If you catch yourself thinking negatively, call yourself out on it and act like your own coach. For example, if you catch yourself thinking “I’ll never be as good as her. What’s the point”. Coach yourself by saying with conviction “I want this! I can do this! I am not going to let anything get in my way. Let’s go! No whining – no giving up. Let’s go!”

2) Support

As solo-entrepreneurs, one problem we often face is working many hours in isolation behind our computer screens. Connecting regularly with people who are optimistic and role models for resilience is an integral ingredient to developing your own resilience muscles. A few ideas for support:

* Daily Accountability Buddy – Find another entrepreneur and make a plan to talk on the phone each day for a few minutes. Take turns briefly updating each others progress on the goals set the day before.

* Networking Groups – Not only is networking needed to create a thriving business, it also allows you to connect with people who are supportive and can give you feedback and advice when needed.

* Coaching – A coach is an amazing source of support. Not only will she help you make tough decisions and keep you on track, she will push you when you need it and congratulate you for some of the smaller achievements you might be overlooking.

3) Self-Confidence

If you are lacking in self-confidence don’t worry. It is a trait that can be developed so when challenges come your way, you will be in a better position to navigate them effectively. Entrepreneurs without self-confidence are more likely to give up when the going gets tough. Build your self-confidence with:

* Positive Self-Talk – Get in the habit of only speaking about yourself in positive terms. Ban words from your vocabulary like idiot, dumb, stupid, fat, failure and loser.

* Positive People – Surround yourself by people who believe in your abilities and who are good role models for self-confidence. Take a break from the Negative Nancy’s.

* Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Challenge yourself to do something new that will build up your confidence muscles. Join Toastmasters, train for a 5 k race, take a salsa dancing class. Participate in a day long meditation retreat. Get out there!

4) Accept and Anticipate Challenge

Having a realistic view of the path to success will help increase your resiliency during the tough times. Understand that struggle doesn’t equal failure. Struggle is a part of everyone’s success story. Read the success story of famous people (Thomas Edison is my personal favorite) and you will hear how they overcame several challenges and obstacles on their road to success.

5) Proactive Problem Solving

When problems arise, your ability to assess them and develop several possible solutions will keep you moving forward instead of getting stuck, sidetracked or worse yet, giving up. Proactive problem solving means being able to see the problem from many angles and adapting the attitude of “inside every problem lies the solution”. Get help from your support system to brainstorm options and to give you support if some of the solutions require doing something that you find scary.

Developing your resilience will give you the strength, courage and solutions required to thrive on the entrepreneurial path. Get in the habit of taking action every day to stretch and strengthen your resilience muscles.
Sabung Ayam
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