5 Top Tips For Hiring A New Car

For example, you might not be familiar with all of the jargon or are unsure about the ways in which to pick the best type of car and then signing a leasing deal. Or you may not have a clear idea about all of the leasing options that are currently on offer.

So if this sounds a little familiar and you are looking to lease a new vehicle then here are a few tips to help you with your decision.

1) Firstly, you should make a lot of preparations. This means that you need to way up the options and decide whether leasing is the most appropriate option both in the present and several years down the line. Then once you have made a choice you should find out more about the car you want to hire. You want to take the time to think about available option that you want to indulge in for your new model, such as: colour, interiors, body shape, seats, doors and if the car will match your way of life.

2) Then, you need to become up to date with the leasing jargon so that you won’t become confused with terms, such as capitalised cost (price of the car), money factor (interest formula) and residual value (the cost of the car at the end of the leasing term). You should also work out the approximate value of the monthly payments, which you think you can afford or want to pay. All of this information is readily available on the internet and if you happen to be using the internet to hire a car then read through the site before you pick up the phone or visit a showroom.

3) However, the payments that you make are not the be all and end all. By this I mean that the amount you pay per month is not always that important, because lower monthly fees usually mean you may have to hire the vehicle for a longer length of time. If you take the time to work out the total costs over the leasing term then chances are that it may be about the same amount, so don’t be swayed by initial figures. So even if a leasing company is offering a car at a high leasing rate then you need to think about what else they may be offering you in return.

4) If promotions are available then you really should make the most of them. If you do this then you can then minimise the capitalised cost of the car and also the monthly payments. Figure out if there are any offers available at the present and which companies have those offers available. As well, you should do a little research and figure out if a particular manufacturer or a specific model is more affordable at the present. For instance, relatively speaking some Seat leasing deals are very enticing at the moment.

5) When looking at cars keep in mind what it is that you are looking for. Don’t be blind-sighted by the car that you are taking out for a test drive or the latest model on the forecourt. Instead focus on the exact features that you want from your leased vehicle and only sign the contract once you find a car with all of the right features.

By sticking to these guidelines picking the right leasing agreement and car should be a lot less daunting and you can then find the best car for your needs, regardless of the model you are looking for. SABUNG AYAM