5 Value Destinations for a Summer Break

Many travel and tour companies offer great holiday packages in India and abroad. The best holiday packages offer a memorable experience at the least expense possible. A variety of options are available if you are thinking of making a summer trip that is not too deep for your pocket. The top 5 destinations that you can enjoy yourself are-

1. Vietnam- A great tourist place in Southeast Asia, you can easily find rooms worth £3.50 a night in Ho Chi Minh, where you can enjoy amazing street food at cheap prices. The country is rich in heritage and culture, with some of the best views in the world, like the green hills of Sapa or the Halong Bay with its 2000 scattered islands. You can go hiking or discover the beauty of the dark caves.

2. Bali, Indonesia- Bali in Indonesia is the hub of greenery and culture; it has some of the most beautiful beaches of the world. The architecture of the temples in Bali is breath-taking. Rooms available her are about £5 per night.

3. Gambia- A country located in Africa, it is the smallest in the continent. The place is great for animal and nature lovers, with affordable accommodation. You can relax at Gambia’s Sanyang beach or make a visit to the River national Park to spot wildlife and birds.

4. Turkey- Turkey offers you the feel of the Mediterranean, at a low budget. Pamphylia is the main tourist spot here, where you can find cheap accommodation and enjoy the delicious kebabs and naan. Pamphylia has a Riviera that is as great as the one in France, and historic Roman ruins to occupy you during your stay.

5. Cambodia- If you have seen the Taj Mahal in Agra, a former world wonder and want to visit another one but at a low budget, you can go to Cambodia to admire the Angkor Wat. You can witness one of the most stunning sunrises here. The nearest town to Angkor is Siem Reap and you can find accommodation here for as cheap as £1 per night. Street food from the roadside pagodas and the local delicacies is worth a taste. Especially, if you have a taste for the exotic, you can try the deep fried tarantulas. Koh Rong in Cambodia, is an island paradise with a picturesque view.

The best holiday packages to these lovely destinations are cost effective and reduce your headache of bookings.
Sabung Ayam