5 Ways To Break Up With Someone

Like the famous song, breaking up is hard to do, sometimes. If you are one of those who cares about the girl/guy’s feelings, then these tips are not for you. You need to always remember to change any email, phone, or accounts after you do any of these steps. The consequences could be devastating. If you want to break the news in a creative way, here are a few ways to break up with someone.

1. Say it with Flowers- This is mainly for the guys who have that girlfriend that is just too clingy or annoying. Send the flowers to her with a card saying that you want to break up. It doesn’t have to be a drawn out message. The added bonus is that, now she has some pretty flowers. Don’t be cheap. You probably spent more on your last date.

2. Say it in a card- A card can work for guys or girls. Simply sending a thank you card, thanking them for a good time, or a sorry card, telling them that their relationship has ended is a good idea. Be creative. Drawings of smiley faces or broken hearts are good for that extra special touch. Just have fun with it.

3. Say it on Instant Message or E-mail- For the techno savvy, sending your girlfriend/boyfriend an instant message or email is a quick way to send the message to him/her.

4. Say it in song- Write a song or have a song played on her favorite radio station with dedication. This is very personable and may cause a little teasing or support from friends. You might want to think about this one, it could be a little mean.

5. Say it on Facebook- Social network sights such as MySpace, Facebook, or Perfspot are a perfect way to publicly inform your girlfriend/boyfriend that you are through. This could be in the form of a post to all, or a personal email to him/her.

Breaking up with someone takes no skill. By simply saying, “We are through” is simple enough. It makes the breakup easier when you can be creative in your message. There are many ways to break up with your partner. Just have fun with it. When it is over, it is over. Good luck.