5 Ways to Use Sandalwood for Skincare

You can buy many skincare products these days that are made effective through a variety of natural oils and other ingredients. Argan oil’s natural properties makes it popular as a anti aging skin care product. Sandalwood oil is notorious for having both anti-aging and beneficial effects to make skin glow. Sandalwood’s anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties (not to mention its notable fragrance) make it an excellent addition to any skincare routine. You have two options: you can buy sandalwood powder and essential oils and make your own beauty products or just look for the natural ingredient in beauty products. Pamper yourself with a beauty treatment at home by following these great tips:

Mix the sandalwood, turmeric powder and milk together to make a face mask for treating acne

Prepare one tablespoon of sandalwood powder and mix it with milk and a pinch of turmeric powder. The native Indians knew how to harness the anti-inflammatory and anti-comedogenic effects, as well as the oil control properties of this paste. The paste is either applied like a mask on the entire face and rinsed off after half an hour or applied on individual blemishes as an overnight remedy.

Add sandalwood oil to almond or jojoba oil to relieve itching and dryness

Eczema is a skin disease associated with dryness, itching and inflammation. Add a few drops of sandalwood oil to one ounce of jojoba oil or almond oil and apply the mixture to the affected area.

Soothe your face by applying a drop of sandalwood oil mixed with a small amount of unscented facial moisturizer. Sandalwood is reputed to have a calming effect so it treats sensitive skins.

To prevent skin inflammation that can cause aging problems, sandalwood is a helpful ingredient. Do you want to erase those years on your face? Put together a mixture of rose essential oils, sandalwood oils and Argan oils to look younger. Combine one ounce of Argan oil with five drops of sandalwood oils and another five drops of rose essential oils to make a nourishing anti-aging beauty treatment. Apply four to five drops as a moisturizer, and be sure to keep it in an airtight bottle.

Apply a face mask composed of mixed ground sandalwood and water. Keep on doing this until you wind up with a teaspoon full of sandalwood paste. Rinse your face after a few minutes after you have utilized the paste as a face covering. The end result will be healthy, beautiful, glowing skin.

Sandalwood can be used in many ways to enhance your skin. A mixture of sandalwood and other ingredients can be a solution for your skincare needs. Don’t buy sandalwood unless it comes from a dealer you can trust. Sandalwood is considered rare and is quite expensive. To get the best value, be certain that you purchase it from a legitimate store that deals in high quality sandalwood products.


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