6 Easy Steps To Make Money With eBay

I am sure we all have old clothing, electronics or books just sitting around the house. Clean out the closets and garage. Becoming an eBay seller is a great way to make extra cash and make room for your home business. Almost anything legal can be sold on the auction site. The company has a list of prohibited and restricted items so make sure you check the list before you begin selling.

To begin selling on eBay, you should first set up a PayPal account. With PayPal, online payments and money transfers can be made online.
Next organize your items. eBay has many categories to sell your goods.

Find out how much your items are worth. Check eBay and other online auctions for similar items. Find out what others are selling the same items for.
Take pictures. Set up a mini studio. Use a small table. Use a white or light colored background. Set up lighting by placing two light sources on each side of your item to prevent shadows. Remove all items from the background and focus on your product.

Provide a description of your item. Be detailed as possible. Be honest about the condition of your product! This is important. Points are gained for positive feedback. Becoming a trustworthy seller will lead to more sales.

  Upload your photos and let the bidding begin.

Once your item is sold and payment is made by the buyer, ship your item immediately. The USPS offers free priority shipping boxes. You can also use UPS or FedEx to ship. Provide your buyer with a confirmation number in order for easy tracking.

Once the item has been received by the buyer, positive feedback has been left and 3 days have elapsed, the buyer’s payment will be credited to your PayPal account. The funds can be transferred to your account or a check request can be made.

Many people are making a living by becoming eBay sellers. eBay can be used for extra money or can become a full-time business. You must first figure out what people want. Electronics, baby items and handbags are popular right now. If you have items collecting dust in the garage or filling the closets, give eBay a try.