6 Tips For Protecting Yourself Against Lyme Disease

Getting bitten by a tick can cause a bacterial infection called lyme disease. This disease is very common in the United States and affects different parts of the patient’s body including the joints, skin, eyes and heart. Those who have Lyme disease may exhibit the following symptoms: reddish rashes, headaches, fatigue and flu-like symptoms. Here are some important tips on how you can keep yourself or your family from getting lyme disease.

Stay away from areas that have dense woods or high grass

Ticks are known to thrive in wooded and grassy places, even leaf litters. There is also a possibility that ticks will infest your lawn or garden if these are unfenced or exposed to wooded areas. Your best bet is to avoid these dangerous areas or, in the event that you cannot, stay on the beaten path or trail, steering clear of grassy or woodsy areas where ticks might find their way onto your clothes or any exposed skin.

Stay current with all the latest news about ticks and how to avoid infestation

Tick infections are most common from May through July because these are the months ticks are most active. It is good to be up to date with news about infested areas. Check with your local health department or park service to find out which areas are known to be infested. Then you will know which areas to stay away from.

Spray pesticides in affected areas

Applying pesticides can help if your home or nearby areas manifest an infestation of ticks. One pesticide that is very effective and specifically made for exterminating ticks is “acaricide”. The correct use of pesticides can dramatically reduce or eliminate ticks.

Prevent ticks with a spray repellent

There are products on the market that repel ticks which can be applied to your clothing and footwear if you will be in areas that have a tick infestation. Look for products composed of about 30% DEET.

When entering areas that are infested, protective clothing should be worn.

When you must spend time in wooded and grassy areas, it is necessary to wear clothing that will protect you. Protective clothing can include pants and tops that cover your limbs, plus thick shoes, socks and hats. Stop ticks from getting under your clothes by pulling your socks over your pants. Avoid exposing any part of your skin or hair. In addition, it is wise to wear light-colored clothes so that if any ticks are present, you will be able to see them more easily.

Wash your hair thoroughly and dry the clothes you wore in infested areas

If you have gone into infested areas, it is best to shower your hair and vigorously apply shampoo to dislodge any ticks that might have stuck in your hair. The clothes you wore should be washed in hot water for a minimum of a half hour; then they should be placed in the dryer to dry. Keep in mind that just washing your clothes is not a sure way to kill ticks.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is definitely so when it comes to Lyme disease. SABUNG AYAM