7 Best Desserts to Serve With Bajan Fried Chicken

While any dessert could go well with a meal of bajan fried chicken, there are some that will superbly compliment the meal better than others. If you are planning on serving bajan fried chicken, here are a few of the best desserts that will certainly wrap up your meal perfectly.

7. Johnny Cake. Johnny cake is a delicious Caribbean recipe that not only works great as a dessert to go with your bajan fried chicken, but also is great any time of the day. Johnny cake is very easy to make and requires few ingredients. Topped with honey or preserves, it is a sweet delight that everyone can enjoy.

6. Conconete. Conconete, or Coconut buns, are another popular Caribbean treat that will go great as a dessert following your bajan fried chicken meal. Coconut buns are not only incredibly tasty, but will help to aid more of a tropical flair to your meal.

5. Cassava Cake. This cake will compliment any meal you make, Caribbean or otherwise. If you are looking for a unique cake to serve with your bajan chicken, Cassava cake is sure to be a big hit among your guests. You can almost guarantee that they’ll be begging you for the recipe once they taste this amazing treat.

4. Fried Plantains. Plantains are an important part of many meals in the Caribbean, and make a delicious dessert when fried. There are many different variations and recipes used for frying plantains, so it will all depend on your own personal preference of what ingredients that you would like to use. Fried plantains can compliment any meal, however they are the perfect way to finish a meal like bajan fried chicken.

3. Fruit Salad. Fruit is also a major part of the diet in the Caribbean, so using fruits that are native to the area to make a large fruit salad will also make a great dessert for your meal. Use fruits such as pineapple, mango, papaya, kiwi and banana as your base. You can make a syrup for your fruit salad, or serve it with whipped topping as well. There are many different recipes you can find for fruit salad, though using fruits that are native to the Caribbean is a great way to end your island style meal.

2. Tembleque. Tembleque is another traditional Caribbean style dessert, and though it is usually served during the Christmas holidays, it can be served any time at all and will make a great ending for your bajan chicken dinner. Tembleque is very easy to make, and will certainly impress your friends and family when you serve them this unique island style dessert.

1. Flan. Finally, there is Flan. Flan is a popular dessert served in the Caribbean that is enjoyed by many. Try it once, and Flan will become a frequently requested dish!
Sabung Ayam
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