920 Billion Of Home Appliances To The Countryside Will Become A Household Electrical Appliance

12 1, the “home appliances to the countryside” to extend it to 14 provinces, starting on February 1 next year across the country, the implementation time of tentative 4 years. Farmers to buy color TV sets, refrigerators (freezers), mobile phones, washing machine 4 products, according to 13% of sales price for financial subsidies. Enables home appliances to the countryside 480 million units, could boost spending 920 billion yuan. (“Shanghai Securities News,” Dec. 1)

I think this is a very easy to ignore the big news. The evening of 1 December 2008 to go back from work turn on the TV, “Network News” is soulful to broadcast the news. “News Network” Although not look good, but on the “News Network” must surely be big news. Large, because the 14 provinces and municipalities involved in hundreds of millions of farmers, the number of appliances to reach 480 million units, amounting to 920 billion yuan. See the news is really big. Although large, but the media generally do not pay attention because he is a “farmers news.” But now, the news no one cares about a few months or a year or two, the fear is all be exposed in rural areas across the country, “home appliances to the countryside,” home appliances there are many problems. For example, poor quality, functional appliances and more than the city, might also be exposed several leading cadres suspected of commercial bribery cases.

I also lived many years in rural areas, is well aware of where fake drugs are most prevalent in rural areas, milk, a farmer who bought the most, so be sure to understand my worries, I do not know how the quality of rural areas of home appliances. That I will not speak, starting with “appliances to the countryside,” the major task of talking about.

Farmers certainly need more appliances, especially the Chinese farmers are needed. But, Vice Minister of Commerce Fu Ziying was, frankly, the current decline in demand in overseas markets, exports home appliances to reduce, “home appliances to the countryside” to expand domestic demand, especially consumption in rural markets, as China’s current “capital growth” of a items of an urgent task. Put the macro point, “home appliances to the countryside” is in fact one of the state’s macroeconomic control measures.

Also worth have to say that the household electrical appliance enterprises serious overcapacity, especially this year, as production costs, appreciation of the RMB exchange rate, energy and raw material prices and other factors, household appliances will be greatly restricted exports, many companies reduced profits or even losses, have emerged. Therefore, the so-called “home appliances to the countryside”, in addition to the farmers to “capital growth”, but also shoulder the task ease the plight of home appliances industry. Fu Minister frankly this. Ok, just come in handy farmers, Chinese farmers really great! I think the history of urban-rural gap has reached the highest point of consumption in the control of the city people’s background, how farmers can afford to protect national household electrical appliance enterprises, China’s economic “capital growth” arduous task.

In fact, this also will be solved, Chinese farmers are good. Central ministries and commissions to promote, household electrical appliance enterprises, township cadres, then help , the state sales prices by 13% to financial subsidies, farmers naturally do our family wealth?? Bought. It is understood that a total of 90 production companies and 57 distribution companies won the bid. So, I am very concerned about the 13% of the financial subsidies, direct subsidies to farmers or subsidies to the household electrical appliance enterprises and distribution companies. Of course, I support the direct subsidies for farmers. However, there are many reasons chosen not afraid to do so. So, what businesses can bid, and this great science in itself. Do not want to see 920 billion yuan of the large cake was corrupt leadership and the successful corporate pie.

A bit of corruption and inevitable, however, if relatively poor quality of the appliances, successful companies must not only causes serious corruption behind this is obvious. Degree of corruption, it is no tolerated and often occur in us, corrupt cadres were arrested, people still find it very regrettable. Because the leadership has done something much better than it is incapable insatiable strong. So afraid afraid of successful enterprises and corrupt leadership made a fortune but also likened the quality is not good home appliances sent to farmers. The central authorities have decided to go across the country, “home appliances to the countryside,” it must find ways to make “home appliances to the countryside” Do not become a “household appliances cheating of the peasants”, but then fell down a handful of other leading cadres ah! SABUNG AYAM