A Bachelor Pad With a Four Poster Bed

Four poster beds claim a presence in any bedroom. Because of their sheer size, they present themselves as a natural focal point. The four poster bed can be a very feminine piece of furniture with a sheer canopy hovering cloud like near the ceiling. However, a four poster bed can also create a dramatic and somewhat masculine presence in a bedroom, and when its construction is solid and heavy, this bed looks more like the bed of a king than something fit for a genteel boudoir.

With this aesthetic in mind a man can create a very masculine bedroom design around a massive, four post bed. Leaving the delicate canopy behind, and adding rich, bold colored bedding, the four poster bed can make the perfect focal piece for a very masculine bedroom.

Selecting a Bed – modern four post bed that has clean lines
For a modern aesthetic, look for a four post bed that has clean, sleek lines. Dark, glossy finishes are both modern and masculine. For a room with a more rustic appeal, choose a frame that is light in a natural wood like oak with a rough hewn finish. For a more traditional space look for a four poster that has a high profile; typically this style of bed has a decorative, carved finial finishing off its classic look.

How to Drape – choose a heavier, upholstery fabric
Adding an entire canopy to the bed may exude a little bit of a feminine vibe, so rather than opt for a sheer canopy, choose a heavier, upholstery fabric and use it to drape over part of the frame. Typically, heavy fabric will be displayed asymmetrically on the post frame to give the room a clean, modern look, and even though the drape is quite purposeful, it should have an easy, almost accidental appearance. Instead of heavier fabrics, lightweight cotton can also be used quite effectively creating a luxuriously tactile aesthetic without being too frilly. It is also fine to leave the posts completely open, and just enjoy their architectural appeal.

Incorporating Color – prefer neutral colors for the background
When introducing color into the space, a four poster bed will look very masculine when rendered in darker colors. For example, a black bed frame looks very modern and clean against creamy walls. Then add a bed cover with a bold black and white graphic to continue the modern vibe. If the room becomes too harsh and angular, add some window treatments with softer lines or an area rug with an organic shape. Choosing neutral colors for the background, lets the architectural elements of the four poster bed stand out. Soften the look with a toss pillows and a throw at the foot of the bed in a soothing shade of robin’s egg blue. Or choose to draw attention to specific sections of the room, with a splash of bright color in toss like teal, apple green, gold, emerald or burgundy.