A Broken Heart From a Relationship Vampire

They’ve broke your heart which has broken your mind and now you feel crazy. It seems as if it comes from out of nowhere, one day you’re happy laughing and the next the person you love is angry and done with you. What seems as a sudden flip can be crippling. You may be the victim of a broken heart from a relationship vampire!

How To Know

1) Did fights happen often, and out of nowhere?
2) Are you confused as to how it always seemed to be your fault?
3) Were you made to feel as though you lacked respect for them or treated them badly?
4) Are you left feeling crazy and like nothing makes sense?

This is for good reason, it is! It may now be clear that this person must have been playing with you from the start. It now makes sense how they did a complete turn around with zero desire to even talk about working things out. A person who truly cares about you would not be so indifferent.

Be Careful

1) Not to blame yourself, it is not your fault, bad things happen to good people all the time!
2) Remind yourself your a good person and it’s worth it to believe in the good in this world!
3) Know that you are worth being with other good people and get out there!
4) BE grateful you’re free of this person, millions get trapped in abusive relationships!
5) Move forward learning positive and strong relationship skills to be ready for the ONE!

It is true relationship Vampires do use others; string them along telling them only what they know they want to hear till they’ve had their fill of you. You’re always better off without a person like this. Consider your self lucky to be free from it and move on. How do you do this and feel good again? The answer is this, build relationship skills and boost your confidence.

It’s easy to fall prey to relationship vampires. A relationship vampire is a person who goes from relationship to relationship sucking the life and heart out of their victims and all for their self serving drive. You have got to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and feel much better knowing that it was not your fault.

To prevent falling prey to another bad relationship you will need to build your relationship skills. Think about what you’ve learned this far, after all we learn the art of love and relationships from the example our parents set. You may not have had the best of examples. Besides this, times have changed, never in our history has relationships been at the level they are now.

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