A Crystal Rose Makes A Wonderful Gift

With roses encased in precious metals like gold and silver becoming more and more popular, just imagine a rose immortalized in hand cut crystal that matches the other cherished crystal pieces you have in your home. A crystal rose or two or three, would be a stunning addition to any collection. Or, if you’re not lucky enough to own any crystal, a crystal rose could be the start of something that can continue to grow in future. Either way, a crystal rose is a forever keepsake that can be cherished for years to come.

Glass has been around since the third millennium BC, though no one is quite certain exactly when or where glass was first made. Crystal glass didn’t come until much later when an Englishman by the name of George Ravenscroft discovered lead crystal in 1676. He found that by adding lead oxide to the glass, a more brilliant sparkle was achieved.

Crystal glass originated in Europe with factories located in Germany, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. It is made by mixing sand and lead oxide and depending on the quality of each factories polishing technology, the clarity of sparkling crystal can vary. Due to the iron found in sand, glass with a greenish color is often the result after mixing. It is for this reason that sand of the highest purity (like white sand) is sought.

The benefits of using lead when making crystal will result in glass that is heavier, shinier, more transparent, and clearer and brighter, however, lead content also means the crystal will be soft and fragile. With the lead found in crystal (as discovered by Mr. Ravenscroft), it gives the glass its sparkling effect, which is highly prized throughout the world.

With environmental concerns today, the lead in crystal glass has now often been replaced with a lead free material called optical crystals. Besides being better for the environment, this glass is very flexible and easier to shape.

Knowing that you can purchase a hand crafted crystal rose, makes them all the more appealing to have. Because of the craftsmanship a crystal rose is designed with, you can be certain that no two will look the same; this only adds to the beauty of each piece and makes each of them one of a kind. Roses have always symbolized everlasting love, but having a crystal rose doesn’t have to mean anything in particular other than you admire the beauty of the art immortalized in one of the world’s most popular flowers. The next time you’re thinking of purchasing a bouquet of roses that will only last for a short time, why not consider a crystal rose instead?