A Day as a Private Investigator

If a loved one has gone missing or you are trying to figure out how to catch a cheating spouse, look no further than hiring a private investigator. Books and movies portray private investigators as sleuth individuals who will lie, cheat, or steal in order to get the bottom of a crime. These peoples always find themselves in the line of fire in the most critical moments. Characters like James Bond or James Patterson’s Alex Cross often come to mind when considering a day in the life of a private investigator.

In reality, PI’s have a sophisticated body of work that includes research and field work. The work incorporates several types of surveillance methods through the use of phones, computers, microphones, cameras, and more recently, email and internet searches. Their job usually begins with gathering records and learning background information on each particular case. In the case of a missing person, the PI might visit the person’s family, neighbors, and friends to gain a sense of who this person is. In the case of the cheating wife or husband, the investigator may spend his entire day trailing the alleged adulterer, following from a far enough distance where the suspect can’t see him. PIs may follow their target into a place as formal as an office building or as crude as a local watering hole. Each particular case requires a certain level of stealth action in order for the private investigator to solve the mystery.

An investigators workload can include a vast variety of cases, some of which include:
-Providing security for celebrities
– Assistance in personal injury, child custody, civil liability and divorce cases
– Finding key witnesses
– Catching shoplifters in retail stores
– Acting as detectives for large hotels
– Doing a background check for companies hiring new employees
– Working for insurance companies and searching for fraudulent claims