A Day Of A Graduate Pursuing Jobs

Journalist Ao Jinjing 4th June, it was an usual day of everyman, but it was not special to Angela, a student of English major from Shanghai University of Sports. It was the graduation day, however, also ,it was another day for her to find jobs. Being a graduate, she hasn’t find a proper job and she was upset and anxious. I was tracking her of a job hunting day.

Early in the morning, after getting up and cleaning up herself Angela and some classmates got to the soccer field to take photoes. I was waiting for her there. After the ceremony, she got started her day of job hunting. She wanted today was her lucky day so that she could find a satisfactory job.

9:10,we got to the interview place, it was a multinational corporation. Of course, Angela wanted this job very much that she got full prepared. With full expectation and anxiety as well, she stepping into the office building. However, I was waiting for her in the cafe near the building. 2 hours passed, Angela didn’t come out yet that I was wondering if she was enrolled by the HR. Another half hour passed, Angela finally went out. I walk straightway to her and can’t help bursting to ask her about the interview. She had a litter bit blush in her face obviously, she was tense at the interview. After a cup of coffee, she start to tell me about it.

“I waited for 1 hour to see the HR, “she said,” well, there are another 2 applicants as well. We were allowed to introduce ourselves at start, then the state of our experience of education and work. After our introduction, the HR began to ask question.”

Then she wave her head and continued,” the questions had nothing to do with the content that I had prepared. It was about giving the solutions to the problem that could happened in real.” in addition to that, she was applied for the job of Sales Management.”for example, what if the strategy you and your group made had collision with the present path of our company?”

“aha? That would be interesting. ” I showed my curiosity.”That should be a hard question, we are taken aback.”

Then she describe the whole interview to me. What interested me most was the matter of salary.

Before the talk, I considered, working in an international corporation would be high-salary. However, the situation was not fully to the expectation. As a college graduate, the salary in the trial period was about 1500. After the trail, it would be a higher of 2500-3000.

Worried as her, I was noticing some characters of present situation of job-hunting. SABUNG AYAM