A Dog With a Sense of Humor

Are you looking for a little entertainment in your life? No, don’t go out and buy the “Entertainment Book”. Just choose an Affenpinscher for a pet.

The Affenpinscher is not a boring dog. If this dog had a disclaimer, it would read: This breed only intended for those with a strong sense of humor!

Did you know the nickname for the Affenpinscher is “monkey dog”? Why? It looks similar to a monkey and acts like one too!

Are you quick-witted? The Affenpinscher shares this characteristic; you can put on a great comedy act together.

The Affenpinscher has the type of personality you look for in a best friend. Lively, cheerful, friendly, alert, dependent, and quick-witted describe this class-clown.

Any avid outdoors men out there? As long as you don’t plan on camping out in the snow, the Affenpinscher is sure to tag along! Affenpinschers enjoy camping and hiking in any twenty degree and above weather.

This breed does not handle temperature extremes well. So, if you live in the Keys, keep looking. Very warm living conditions will actually damage their coat.

Affenpinschers were once kept in homes and the local corner store just to keep away any rats. People referred to them as “ratters”. Today, the Affenpinscher is more of an entertainer. Perhaps it liked all the attention it received for keeping away the rats!

Please don’t get any crazy ideas about the Affenpinsher’s history to keep away the rats; do not buy this breed to take care of a rat problem in your home! The Affenpinscher will get excited chasing rats, like any other dog; but I suggest you buy some rat poison to get rid of the rats!

An Affenpinscher makes an especially good pet for an elderly person who lives alone. This breed would also make a great companion for a recent widow. It is a wonderful distraction from the hard challenges of life. It will not make a great pet for families with young children; it is very possessive of its food and toys and will act aggressive whenever it feels threatened.